Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Thoughts on 9/8 update

From what I can see very little has changed.   As I assumed a few things have changed and it apperars to be mostly hardware related.

My initial thoughts were they were doing some sort of hardware upgrade/replacement.   This does still seem to be the case.   As the adblockers on the forum notice the links changed from /game/ to /gamelivedc/ for the bulk of the content servers.

As to  why the change,   perhaps more servers were added, or upgraded.   Allowing for more content / sharing of content?   We will have to wait and see.

There were new game files issued, but there were no immediately identifiable changes.   Those we are expecting tomorrow.

Also, it appears they have stepped away from the sjc2 subdomain moniker,  I had not figured out what this stood for (I know its softlayer ddos proection hosted servers on the west-coast of USA) but other than that the initials meant nothing to me..  

For me anyway most appear to have been redirected from sjc2->dc .. though there are references to "sjc".

Nothing earth-shattering here, just some observations.  Check back tomorrow for the update changelog!


  1. :Please post the new code for adbloc, I tried to insert the change you noted but it does not seem to work for me? Thanks.

    1. There is a kixeye forum thread that discusses changes needed. Thread was locked after page 2, but someone goes into the change required on page 1.

  2. xnih,

    I just checked that thread, & the answer given was to change /game/ to /gamelivedc/. When I applied that change to my adblocker scripts, then refreshed the game, it's still not working.

    1. If someone besides me or Nuke decides to post how to do it I won't delete it, but I won't post how to do it or what exactly needs changed. And while I could figure it out, I honestly don't use adblock.

    2. The poin of this post was not "how to adblock" i think we are getting sidetracked :)

      odds are the "dc" is different for your region. we cannot help you with that, you would need to do some research.

      we will not be discussing adblock any further in this article.


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