Thursday, May 9, 2013

Drac Hunt 4

The latest official info on Drac Hunt 4 can be found here.

Ok, we'll start with the normal disclaimer, my best guess, subject to change, etc, etc.

New Hull:

No stats on ship size or number of weapon slots yet.

New Tactical Modules:
Siege Drone Module 1-3

New Weapon:

At this time no pictures of any of them.  I didn't dig too much, but will look as the week progresses and possible update this post in the next few days.  Typically it is all posted by now, but not this week.

Unknown if the stingray is the same one they discussed on the wish list 6 months ago.

Other news:
Looks like they may have either put some more error checking in the game or they have just exported the data to where it is easier to update:
  • Cannot Create More Than 120 Ships
  • Ship Id Is Occupied Already!
  • Fleet ID Does Not Exist
  • Invalid Ship Data: hullID
  • Invalid Ship Data: weapons
  • Invalid Ship Data: armors
  • Invalid Ship Data: specials
  • Ship id not exist
  • Fleet Has More Than 5 Ships
  • Flagship already exists in fleet
  • Ship Already Exists In That Slot
  • Fleet ID Does Not Exists
  • Invalid Fleet Location
  • Player Does Not Own That Ship
  • Ship Is Part of a Different Fleet
  • Fleet Cannot Have More Than 5 Ships
Plus a few others, but they weren't ship related.

A few in there seem to indicate errors if you are trying to clone fleets or ships from fleet to fleet.  Will be interesting to see if this helps cut down on cloning or not.


  1. And here is a completely new forsaken hull along the same lines as helping out the mid level player. I would slot it between the Battle Barge and Leviathan, though more effective in FvF than either. (yet not as fast or maneuverable as the Sea Wolf) It also resembles a non-submersible Barracuda, and could be loosely based on that.

    The Stingray
    Max Weight: 2100
    Base Armor: 450
    Weapon Slots: 6
    Armor Slots: 1
    Special Slots: 2
    Combat Speed: 16
    Turn Speed: 14
    Map Speed: 27
    Cargo: 98,000
    Evade Bonus: 0%

    that it but not for me stringray should be a sub like tv show lol

    1. Sounds more like something for the smaller player im thinking around lvl 30 so maybe tier 2 or even 3

    2. Those are stats from a topic 6 months ago before they gave out variants of the BB and Levi in mini missions.
      I don't see any way that that would be a legit hull for tier 4 or 5.

    3. sound's a lot more like a new updated sea scorp...

    4. it wouldnt be tier 2 or 3 cuz of drones and most likely the alternate prize will be armor or cheaper version of jav like how a arc is cheaper version or halo. its probably going to be tier 4 prize along with another hull thats already out. tier 5 i have no clue what its going to be. most likely a new weapon or a hull like specture or another hull thats could be usless (like super fortress) or some thing like dreadnaugh X

    5. These stats may or may not be accurate, I've still seen no indication of fleet size or number of weapon slots.

    6. The reason I wouldn't take anything about that ship as accurate is that the information wasn't even from a Kixeye mod, just someone on the forums, the forum mod who answered basically shot down the idea about that ship as it's something the SW already does.

      I would say that the stats probably aren't accurate.

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    8. yes and no, if u want the best tiers u need pay for them but is just about achievable with bc fleets and i won my bc and bcx hulls free in forsaken missions. need always remember kixeyes logic tho, they are a buisness too.

    9. yes i agree with our blogger, it doesn't seem worthwhile unless u r in need of a ship like that. come on kixeye time to shine again as the idea of a stingray being a ship hull rather than a sub hull is just dull, id go for these new modules but the hull, so far, is not for me.

  2. Wonder how it will do as an insta repair fleet like the sw's if you don't put any armor on it? Lose a special slot, but gain a weapon.

    1. your right it has less armor, if these specs are right this will be a very fast and lethal insta-repair boat.

      I question this because it seems to defy logic that Kixeye would provide us something that would inadvertently reduce income on raids. We will just have to see. It maybe a reward and a response to the complaints about achievability of the upper tiers for non coiners.

  3. Any idea when more info will be updated on this page? I'm pumped to find out what this new hulls all about!

    1. Please don't pester the guy. Just let him post stuff when he finds stuff. He doesn't know!

    2. I check every few days. Others have been linking to some pics that may be accurate, but they aren't coming from the "data" that is sent out to everyone so I can't confirm the pics are accurate or any other info they are showing.

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  5. new raid prizes photo


  7. I don't know why everyone keeps saying we have a ship that is comparable to this. We don't, look at the speed on this thing, forsaken resistance is an incredible boost as well that the SW does not have.
    If this is spec'ed to 16 combat speed even 15 the engines will amplify that speed and make this thing dangerously fast
    add on evade bonus and this could easily be near or a top teir.
    I think we need to reserve judgement till we see more.

    1. There is no guarantee that those stats are accurate. If it ends up as tier4 I'll go for it and add it to my arsenal and maybe build at a later date, though I have so many fleets with no armor on them now just to cut down on build time and repairs who knows when I'll ever get to it.

    2. I agree that the stats may be off but the illustration coincides with the stats describing it as "blazingly fast" however it says it comes with a guidance scrambler that would add to evade, evade in stats above show at 0% perhaps that is before the scrambler bonus. who knows its all guessing but past raids have taught us that much of what we have seen ahead of time proved pretty reliable.

    3. The stats listed for the Stingray is from a player on the wishlist on the Kixeye forums he also listed Battle barge, Levi and Floating Fortress variant's with his stats that he suggested but Kixeye did not follow his stats and did there own thing. The Stingray ship from the Drac Hunt 4 pics I have seen looks nothing like a Cuda. The description clearly says: A blazingly fast Forsaken superiority craft able to slip past enemy fire with built-in guidance scrambling and fire Ballistic weaponry from ranges only spoken if in tales of the old times with frightening accuracy. check the picture for yourself.

  8. I'd be very happy if they make the mastery prize a dread so i don't have to go through the entire raid.


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