Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drac Hunt 3

DH3, 6 days away:

What are the latest prizes you ask, here are my best guesses:

Top prize, another ship, oh wait you probably already guessed that.  It looks like a missile and anti sub, mid sized, hull this time around.  Not sure on the name, I've seen 2 possibilities, either Mercury or Anaconda.  I'm guessing Anaconda.

Options for Tier 1-3 prizes?

New Missiles:
Arc Missile 1-3

Future planned warheads to go with them (doubt this raid):
Arc Warhead 1-3

Tier 4?:
New base weapon, possibly named Javelin.  Looks to be some type of Rail Gun


  1. hmm ok, no need for rail gun as we got shells for howies, maybe we will get a modification for halo, this new missile (if thats what it will be)may compliment halo as a vm replacement. as for the hull, looks like a cross of interdictor and thresher, yes i know what ur thinking, not another midsized hull.

    well, under a week till we find out kixeye, gus up pirates!

  2. Rail Gun ?!? No need for this you say ?

    What if it was a ballistic/explosive source of dammage with splash at mid-range...

    It would be another must-have prize ...

    Just like the halo, at first people though it would be unuseful since we already had VM+SL3, but a week after it was released, people started crying to have a second shot at it since it was outperforming the previous setups...

    Just wait until the story repeats itself

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  4. It's hull ID 2017: Mercury
    A mid-weight versatile Forsaken assault hull outfitted with both missile and anti-sub capabilities, this agile ship is ready for threats above and below the surface.

    It sounds like a Forsaken version of the Interdictor.

    I can see why one could think it's called the Anaconda - it uses an "anaconda" sprite sheet, but the component_name for it is the Mercury.

    1. Yeah, had a 50/50 shot on the name and had I paid a bit more attention I probably would have gotten it correct. I do get a kick out of how some are named differently depending on where one looks.


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