Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Facebook pages for Battle Pirates

In the last week or two a few changes in some of the FB fan pages.

Original page is back:

When it went down a new FB page also called BPOutpost got started, but has been taken down and it has now been recreated as Battle Pirates Online:

There are at least 2 other Facebook pages out there that I'm aware of that I feed info to or that get info from my pages.

Battle Pirates All Sectors War Room:

Battle Pirates Nexus:

If you are looking for fleet builds, on going conversations or other bp info that I don't provide here, please check out one of the above sites.  Each provides a bit of information different than the others.

If you want to list any other FB fan sites, please feel free to comment on this thread, but please just links to other sites on this thread.


  1. Battle Pirates on BV

  2. This is a FB group that discusses the blue prints that are found/awarded in the game:


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