Thursday, December 5, 2013

Burning Seas

Upcoming Event: 52, BurningSeas the Raid, will start on 2013-12-12 10:00:00:00 MST and end on 2013-12-18 10:00:00:00 MST

Well the top prize for those that can attain it will be the new Hellstrike Hull, what you'll be hitting is 15 levels of a new enemy, different than the Reaver Scouts we've seen for the past week or so.

You wanted a hull raid, well here it is, at least the way it sits now.

Tier 1

  • Light Cruiser (100,000)
  • Destroyer X (80,000)
  • Battle Barge A (75,000)
  • Destroyer (60,000)
  • Frigate (40,000)
  • Corvette (20,000)

Tier 2

  • Hammerhead Hull A (400,000)
  • Light Cruiser X (400,000)
  • Battlecruiser (400,000)
  • Leviathan A (300,000)
  • Hammerhead Hull B (500,000)
  • Sea Scorpion A (500,000)
  • Floating Fortress A (500,000)

Tier 3

  • Missile Cruiser (3,000,000)
  • Strike Cruiser (3,000,000)
  • Mako (3,000,000)
  • Mauler (3,000,000)
  • Mercury (3,000,000)
  • Super Fortress (3,000,000)
  • Juggernaut (2,500,000)
  • Battleship (2,000,000)
  • Battlecruiser X (2,000,000)
  • Rampart (2,000,000)

Tier 4

  • Juggernaut X (7,500,000)
  • Stingray (7,500,000)
  • Triton (7,500,000)
  • Strike Cruiser X (9,000,000)
  • Dreadnought X (9,000,000)
  • Missile Cruiser X (10,000,000)
  • Guardian (7,500,000)
  • Spectre (6,000,000)
  • Dreadnought (4,000,000)
  • Interdictor (4,000,000)
  • Hurricane (4,000,000)
  • Goliath (4,000,000)
  • Barracuda (4,000,000)
  • Thresher (6,000,000)

Tier 5

  • Hellstrike (12,500,000) - Reaver hull specializing in rockets and composed of parts from Draconian Strike Cruisers and Forsaken Threshers.
  • Unknown Reaver Weapon Inferno Rockets (3,500,000) - Reaver rockets that cause damaged enemies to explode on death and deal damage to their allies.
The Hellstrike:
This looted Reaver Hull is the perfect platform for Rocket based fleets. Outfitted with advanced Rocket loading and fuel boosting systems, the Hellstrike fires rockets with extreme speed and boosted range, while also allowing some rockets to evade the protection offered by Walls.  Prepare to see walls and turrets melt before you as you strike at the hearts of your enemies.
Inferno Rockets:
This looted Reaver Rocket is a new weapon that can be outfitted to rocket base fleets. Infused with Reaver Technology this new rocket allows its payload to delivered at range, while also boosting the defensive values of hulls that are equipped with them. Additionally the Reaver technology in this weapon cause targets that are destroyed by it to EXPLODE! These explosions will damage surrounding enemy ships. 


  1. Great job getting this so early, nice work!

  2. thanks for your info its you know if any weapons are going to be up in the raid? or just hulls?

    1. you got everything I know above at this point!

    2. An unknown Reaver Wep at Tier 5!

  3. Is the raid will be FvF based or some base targets like forsaken fury 2??????

    1. Thanks for your reply Cameron...:)

    2. As it sits now, all targets show as the same for levels 1-15. IE all the same type of base or fleet or whatever. Type 28 that is all I can tell you at this point. Don't have a name yet that I found, but the files this week were a mess of changes, so may have missed it also.

  4. Mercury's tier 3 and 3.000.000 points????? Is not credible this.

    1. lol you're welcome to your opinion. And it could be that kix will change it, but historically, please look back and see how many times I've been wrong since i started posting before you make such claims :)

    2. En Blanco this is a projected list given to us by the hard work of Xnih. We shall see what's what next week but please come back and apologise if it is indeed you who is wrong!

    3. Mercuries are turning into an older technology thing. In fact, most ships are as well. The MCX, last time it was offered was 12,000,000. Now it's 10,000,000. I attribute it to two things.

      1: As mentioned, it's an older hull. There are too many alternatives that can do close to what it can do.

      2: Kixeye is trying to make up for lost ground from last months disastrous raid. Let's face it, they know they screwed up. It was too difficult for most to do, and many didn't want to put in that kind of effort for what was available. A lot of people are way behind on builds (myself being one of them.). This is why they're pushing easier content as of late, and actually listening to the players for a change. They lost a lot, with the last raid.

      Honestly, I think this is very credible information.

    4. Absolutely ... apologize ... but I was not referring to the work of xnih all. I admire and respect. I meant the VALUE that give the Mercury. 3,000,000 seems very little.

    5. i'm sorry from my english language. :-(

  5. GJ as ever, thanks for your efforts.

  6. Thanks for the info Xnih..!! You're a really reliable source!!!!

  7. Before people start complaining about this realize that this tells us the projected prize list (Subject to change) but not how the raid is setup and that could make the point value tougher to get so 3M could be a challenge. Thanks for another job well done Xnih

  8. my guess is that points are in monthly raid (just like previous monthly raids) are not as easy to accumulate as they are in the weekly forsaken missions. I can reach Tier 3 (2.5 mill) in one day in a weekly mission, however, it takes me much longer to reach 2.5 mill in a monthly raid. This next raid will still be interesting though...

  9. I am interested to see how unbalanced these new reaver hulls are going to be. They have some stiff competition with all the hulls we already have access to.

    Also it appears that some people are confused about where this blog gets it's information. Kixeye pushes file changes every week that can be viewed. It's not in a pretty organized state, but with some basic file comparison you can see what's changed, or is new, like art files. Xnih is taking the time to connect those pieces together and upload them here. Which is why he's always accurate, because he's not getting "leaked" info, he's just telling us what kixeye is pushing. It's also why he sometimes has no information at all, because kixeye doesn't always push changes early, which eliminates the only source.

    1. Can you give me a link to see the file changes? I would like to look at it and see how they write their code.

    2. download the SWF file and read it with a flash decomplier.. how much easier can you want

  10. l hops its get alot points from lower target.

  11. Hi Xnih gj on the early info. Can you see what we are facing in this raid, fvf or fvb? and anything else that wasn't there when you posted this? plz and ty.

  12. nice will it only be hulls not wep like themael 5 or F seige miss ?

    1. Last year's Christmas raid was a hull only raid and it appears that that is what this years will be also. There are currently no indications that either of those will be released, but all I can do is post info based on what Kix puts in their config files. For all I know one of these days they'll start putting false info in there just to screw with me (granted that was my assumption back in the Dragon's Nest 2 raid when I said they were releasing MCX and their official documentation said nothing about it, even when they leaked their own info on it, see:

    2. hi Xnih got any more info regarding the raid?

    3. nope, no new file updates since I posted this.

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  14. Raid info

    1. Thanks!

      Granted no idea why things show up as they do on this comment section time wise (why this is in the middle of everything), but thanks! All same tiers as I have listed. Only thing different is he has Tier 2 as 400-500k and my list says 300-500k.

      We also now have a name for the Reaver tech and some details:
      Inferno Rockets:

      This looted Reaver Rocket is a new weapon that can be outfitted to rocket base fleets. Infused with Reaver Technology this new rocket allows its payload to delivered at range, while also boosting the defensive values of hulls that are equipped with them. Additionally the Reaver technology in this weapon cause targets that are destroyed by it to EXPLODE! These explosions will damage surrounding enemy ships.

    2. Do you have the stats on the new items?

    3. Stats required leaked images or access to/from the test/preview servers which I've never been on, so nope, I don't have any.

  15. How bad i want the hurricane or battlecruiser x but any big ship would be nice

  16. Upcoming raid will be FvF...

    Primary Mission Objectives:

    Players will be targeting sets of invading Reaver Fleets to earn points.
    Three enemy sets (A, B, C) have been targeted for destruction.
    Clearing all targets in a specific set will grant a set bonus. This bonus can be redeemed multiple times, and will yield more points with each completion. With the Maximum bonus points per completion being reached upon the fifth completion of a set.
    Set A = 61 - 65 Highest level targets
    Set B = 41 - 45 Medium level targets
    Set C = 21 - 25 Lowest level targets

  17. Kinda off topic but we got some retrofits coming.


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