Thursday, November 7, 2013

Forsaken Fury 2 - Prize List and whatnot

NOTE:  Major update to the this coming in a few hours, first have to play SC2 with my kids!  They've listed the rest of the prizes, but I don't have time to cross them with points right now!  Also, I'll do a new post for it.

Upcoming Event: 48, ForsakenFury2 the Raid, will start on 2013-11-14 10:00:00:00 MST and end on 2013-11-18 10:00:00:00 MST

Raid Draconian targets to earn points. Complete all targets in a set to earn a bonus.  Complete sets multiple times to continue earning bonuses. Redeem points for prizes in the Prize store.

No pics so far (11/7), best guess at this time for what each unknown is based on their number scheme.  Subject to change!!!

Tier 1
  • Unknown Armor - (100,000 points)

Tier 2
  • Unknown Armor - (500,000 points)

Tier 3
  • Unknown Armor - (2,000,000 points)

Tier 4
  • Unknown Special (Upgrade to something) - (3,500,000 points)

Tier 5
  • Vanguard (Forsaken Hull) - (9,500,000 points)
  • Guardian - (7,500,000 points)

Possible info on vanguard, I haven't verified, but supposed pic


  1. Military Fleets
  2. Draconian Occupied Base
  3. Draconian Occupied Base
  4. Military Fleets
  5. Draconian Occupied Base
  6. Military Fleets
  7. Draconian Occupied Base
  8. Draconian Occupied Base
  9. Military Fleets
  10. Draconian Occupied Base
  11. Military Fleets
  12. Draconian Occupied Base
  13. Draconian Occupied Base
  14. Military Fleets
  15. Draconian Occupied Base


  1. thank you again sir for a fast delivery of information :)

  2. Interesting... this one, while it looks to be the same as the last format, shows as only 4 days instead of six...

  3. Vanguard. Sounds base defend-y. Interesting to pair it against Guardian if so. Suppose it could also be a Forsaken blitz hull, or something uber specific. Anti-sub base defender comes to mind as a possible niche, although ECM destroyer can't be countered by any amount of sonar in the game.

    1. True but, a subsonic captivator fitted with 10 ass rockets would take care of a few reapers in your base.

    2. "Vangaurd" sounds defendy? Look it up!

    3. vangaurd is a ship that lifts bigger ships out the water so delt it is wot the name is

    4. Vanguard meaning forfront of the advance, not defending lol

      van•guard (ˈvænˌgɑrd)

      1. the front part of an advancing army.

  4. I hope to heck the add something to put on these damn reapers other than this missile which is as useless as the sub/ship

    1. Spoken like a true rookie. if you can't see the advantages in the downpour missile on the reaper.. look again ;)

    2. I actually agree with Keldon. The damage is lacking, you have to be stopped to fire them, and you lose stealth when firing. Top it off, they offer no bonus for defense or movement. It's just better to use MCX as a base prep fleet, if you're going to go this route.

    3. I have a MCX base prep fleet. But the Reaper can do things no other ships can do. Like prep 4 turrets in bases where you'd be lucky if you got to damage half a turret with any other ships.

    4. the problem is ship with sonar and the whole damn base sees you

  5. Xnih go see Page 3 of the November Work in Progress. Info on the Vanguard posted.

    1. Thanks and for the others that want to see it, and I assume where the vanguard pic I got above came from:

  6. A ship named the vanguard will likely be a ship with high built-in evasion and high built-in defense sort of like the BC and BCX *or* it will have some significant countermeasure improvements - designed to carry a sh!t ton of hailstorm/phalanx/armor with the intent of taking damage for the rest of your fleet which will be fitted with heavy siege capabilities....

    Just sayin' - that's what it sounds like to me.

    1. We got an idea of a frontline hull from the teaser info.

  7. thank you Eric for all your hard work

  8. Everyone has enough armor, what is needed is the opportunity to gain better hulls and having the ability to select our own prizes per level - multiple per tier if the next tier isn't an option to reach. Why do tiers have to be so dang far apart - 150, 500, 750, 1mil, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 etc would be less discouraging for the smaller newer player. The hulls once fitted take forever and a day to build anyway so what is the harm in allowing the little guy the opportunity to better defend against the big time coiner/player that purchases everything anyway? More hull raids would be appreciated over the "armor and special" raids that seem to be so prevalent.


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