Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lightning Run....

Ok, just 5 days or so until another raid.... 

Looks like they may go back to top 4 get a prize based on some info in one of their files.  We'll see if that holds true or if it is just a bad rumor I'm starting!  I'd say it will probably keep the typical options, but sorta looks like top 4 get something else.  We shall see.

As for what we'll be going against, got me.  Nothing new really showing up that I can see.  Best guess is maybe the Atlas will show up this time.

I assume it will either be the typical round of pick a prize that you didn't win before, or perhaps they'll finally introduce a few of the other prizes they've been teasing in the files that I've posted about over the last month.

We shall see.....

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kixeye and more new stuff in the pipe

3 possible new ships beyond what we've mentioned in the past.  Current names (no originality)
  • Battle Barge A - A next generation Battle Barge, with increased cargo capacity, armor, and speed
  • Leviathan A - A next generation Leviathan, with increased cargo capacity, armor, and speed
  • Floating Fortress A - A Floating Fortress variant, built with increased armor and agility
Another ship that may be out there already and I just missed:
  • Frigate (small drac ship #2)
2 new tacticals in development
  • Siege Scanner - Increases damage against buildings by scanning them for structural weakness.
  • Armor Bypass - Decreases enemy ship damage resistances by scanning their armor for bypass targets.
1 new special:
  • Speed System (1-3)
Lots of new Torps in the pipe unless I just missed their release, may just be BP's being released?
  • Vortex Torp D1-V and -A
  • Assault Torp D63-M and -X
  • Siege Torp D65-S and -C
More info on the 2 new ships from a few weeks ago:
  • Missile Cruiser -  The prototype for the advanced Draconian Missile Cruiser, built to hit and run with a precise, high volume missile barrage
  • Elite Missile Cruiser - The Elite class Missile Cruiser, found only among the most secretive echelons of the Draconian inner guard.  Equipped with advanced electronic warfare suites to sustain their missile barrages with terrifying effectiveness
 It would be so much nicer if they could just fix the flash crashes, but hey, new stuff means more coins from those that do, so I guess it works better for them to add more stuff!