Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Frostbite Raid Info

We will update this thread as information surfaces!

Last Update
2014-09-18  Added prize data/prices
2014-09-17 1PM -- Added campaign data.
2014-09-16 8:15PM -- Added details on bonuses
2014-09-16 8PM -- Added detailed specs for the new items, now that the official post is out.
2014-09-14 11:00AM CST -- Added BP Pics from BPNexus,  it appears Kix finally gave us some miss-information!  Yay Kix.. (in all honesty it's probably not intentional heh, but hey )
2014-09-11 1:20PM CST -- Added event details and teaser images.
2014-09-11 8:30AM CST -- Added stats for Viper to compare to V2
2014-09-10  4PM CST -- Added Blueprints for raid items

Upcoming Event: 92 Name: Frostbite
Event runs from 2014-09-18 16:00:00 to 2014-09-22 16:00:00
Prize Type: quota_unlockable

     1x World map Fleets for Arctic theme, 1x Campaign bases for Arctic theme

Uranium Rewards:
pts: 150,000 Amount: 100
pts: 500,000 Amount: 250
pts: 2,000,000 Amount: 500
pts: 5,000,000 Amount: 2000
pts: 10,000,000 Amount: 5000

Prize Breakdown

Tier : 1 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 30,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Vortex Torpedoes D61-T
  *  Price: 50,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Vortex Torpedoes D61-M
  *  Price: 40,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D1-M
  *  Price: 40,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D1-C
  *  Price: 50,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Stealth Attack System I
  *  Price: 30,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Strike System I Priority

Tier : 2 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 75,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Assault Torpedoes D63-X
  *  Price: 100,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Assault Torpedoes D63-R
  *  Price: 125,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D2-M
  *  Price: 150,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D2-P
  *  Price: 175,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Stealth Attack System II
  *  Price: 200,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Strike System II Priority

Tier : 3 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 2,300,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Siege Torpedoes D65-C
  *  Price: 500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Assault Torpedoes D63-V
  *  Price: 2,900,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Strike System III Priority
  *  Price: 1,100,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D3-M
  *  Price: 1,100,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D3-P
  *  Price: 1,700,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Stealth Attack System III
  *  Price: 2,900,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Torrent Missile III
  *  Price: 2,300,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Siege Torpedoes D65-S
  *  Price: 2,300,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Siege Torpedoes D65-D

Tier : 4 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 6,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Siege Torpedoes D65-Z
  *  Price: 4,000,000 (Difference : -500,000)  MaxRedeem: 1  Impulse Launcher D92-U Priority
  *  Price: 5,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Interceptor V2-H Priority
  *  Price: 5,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Siege Missile D55-F
  *  Price: 5,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D4-T
  *  Price: 3,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Assault Torpedoes D63-B
  *  Price: 5,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Achilles Missile D55-B
  *  Price: 3,125,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D4-M
  *  Price: 3,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D4-P

Tier : 5 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 12,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Executioner
  *  Price: 20,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Dead Eye Executioner

Campaign Data:
Campaign target:Campaign bases for Arctic theme
Min Lvl: 1 Max Lvl: 49
Runthrough: 1  Repeat 999 Times    Duration:

  Reward: Frostbite Points: 60,000

Campaign target:Campaign bases for Arctic theme
Runthrough: 1  Repeat 999 Times    Duration:

  Reward: Frostbite Points: 1,000,000

Campaign target:Campaign bases for Arctic theme
Min Lvl: 50 Max Lvl: 200
Runthrough: 1  Repeat 999 Times    Duration:

  Reward: Frostbite Points: 2,000,000

Raid info!

  • The Draconian defense is finally starting to crack under the barrage of our assaults. Time to infiltrate their labs for advanced defense blueprints. Be prepared Captains! The element of surprise is gone and Greta will be waiting. Frostbite begins 9/18! RSVP 
  • Captains, a major leap forward in Forsaken defenses is within reach. Destroy Draconian targets and the Executioner Missile Turret could be yours. This long-range turret will tear through the defenses of any attacking fleet.  Don't pass up this game-changing technology.  Frostbite begins in 3 days. RSVP now
  • Prepare your forces for a winner-takes-all showdown.  Earn points for the deadly Interceptor V2-H Hull or set your sights on the top prize, the Executioner Missile Turret.  Time to turn the tide on the Dracs.  Frostbite begins tomorrow! RSVP

Blueprint for the Interceptor V2-H

This item was used by the drac's last raid, tweaked a bit before giving to us.  This was the larger "interdictor" looking ship(missles)


Item Name: Interceptor V2-H (draconian)
Oil: 17,507,813
Energy: 14,806,250
Metal: 14,806,250
Zynthium: 39,015,625
Build Time: 5d 13h 13m 20s (With Officer 4d 23h 54m)
Retrofit Lvl:1
armor: 4,954.0
Penetrative Defense: 20%
Ballistic Defense: 20%
Explosive Defense: 20%
Radiation Defense: 20%
Armor Slots: 4
Repair modifier: 100%
Max VXP: 43068
Evade: 20%
Combat Speed: 15
Map Speed: 30
Salvage: 1,135,258t
Turn Speed: 20
Weapon Slots: 8
Special Slots: 4
Max Weight: 6,548
Cloak Detection Range: 32
Penetrating Reload: +90%
Concussive Defense: 40%
Flak Evade Bonus: 30%
Concussive Bonus: +40%
Thermal Detection Range: 68
Unreactive: 6

Blueprint for the Executioner

Item Name: Executioner (draconian)
salvo: 2.0
reload: 10.0
Oil: 27,242,387
Energy: 21,793,910
Metal: 21,793,910
Zynthium: 40,417,796
Build Time: 11d 8h 48m 48s (With Officer 10d 5h 31m 55s)
Damage: 1774
Range: 50-146
Retrofit Lvl:5
Accuracy: 100%
Salvo Reload: 1
Penatrative Armor Bypass: +50%
Power Consumed:2923

Item Name: Dead Eye Executioner (draconian)
salvo: 3.0
reload: 10.0
Oil: 40,863,580
Energy: 32,690,865
Metal: 32,690,865
Zynthium: 60,626,693
Build Time: 14d 5h 2m 24s (With Officer 12d 18h 56m 9s)
Damage: 1886
Range: 30-199
Retrofit Lvl:5
Accuracy: 100%
Salvo Reload: 1
Retargeting: True
Penatrative Armor Bypass: +50%
Power Consumed:3654


  1. Well done Nuke...... i like the new hull :) but is it retargetable ??

  2. I don't know about the stats for the new hull. Seems alot like the Kodiak. And the model just seems lazy. Really lazy if they keep it like that.

  3. 4 specials and 4 armors seems a bit much. Looks very much like the Viper though, doesn't it? Still, I'll get it since i didnt get the Viper and I need a thermal detection hull :)

  4. On closer inspection I'd say with 98% certainty that that is the Viper.

    1. it is possible that kix dropped the viper pic in as a place holder. We'll see over the next few days.

    2. That is my assumption. Hopeful they don't get lazy. :P I like some of the new stuff they designed. And I think those stats are gonna change too.

  5. It does explain a lot, I thought they just were inters that kixeye jacked the code on. that they are a bigger sort of evolution, makes sense

    1. I am so hoping, that new hull isn't limited. I might can swing it once, but not 5 times.

  6. The spritesheets for the various hulls are the same... They may tweak it and if they do I will post an update.

    This is the spritesheet used in the last raid for the Drac's version

  7. Are you able to tell how many of the slots are of which kind? Is it like the dictor 3 dedicated to torpedoes and the rest dual?

    1. It appears to mix 4 underwater/Surface and 3 underwater only.

      Stats at the moment appear to be the same as the Viper..... and I confirmed now the spritesheet is the same as well.. (These were the "missle torp cruisers" from last months raid campaigns). I will post stats comparison into the main post in a bit


  8. Posted the updated info from the game with timeframes. Also posted teaser pics

  9. Is there any information on hp(health) information of draconian turrets and ships in the weekly missions? I am particularly interested in the 55 and 65 military strongholds.

    1. check out this post:

    2. I just need to clarify something, I have tried to hit these bases with a torrent missile fleet, but I find it odd that they have so less HP. Basically my fleet damage is 38280 per hit and it took more than one hits to blow up even a single turret. But as per the post, it only has 10k hp. Am I to understand they have some king of defense as well such as missile resistance?

    3. can you move over there for comments on that data? it would get lost here if others are looking for it.

      I will look into the defense, I dont think I was pulling building specials when I put that list together, I would check your accuracy too though if you have 50% accuracy thats a huge difference.. I will check though currently my d92 fleet kills each turret in 1-2 volleys, and theres 15-20% left on the other 3 turrets

    4. Lists something you might not know. All damage on the weapons is actually half the value it states.

    5. yeah, when we list damage we multiply it by 2 since in game display is twice what the value actually is in the underlying files. Sort of like speed, we have to take and divide the speed by 2 since they doubled speed a few years ago so it didn't take 3 days to get across sector anymore!

      Expect a post later this week on Kixeye Math that I started last night.

  10. Full Prize List:

    Tier 1

    Vortex Torpedoes D61-T
    Vortex Torpedoes D61-M
    Zynthonite Armor D1-M
    Zynthonite Armor D1-C
    Stealth Attack System I
    Strike System I

    Tier 2

    Assault Torpedoes D63-X
    Assault Torpedoes D63-R
    Zynthonite Armor D2-M
    Zynthonite Armor D2-P
    Stealth Attack System II
    Strike System II

    Tier 3

    Siege Torpedoes D65-C
    Assault Torpedoes D63-V
    Strike System III
    Zynthonite Armor D3-M
    Zynthonite Armor D3-P
    Stealth Attack System III
    Torrent Missile III
    Siege Torpedoes D65-S
    Siege Torpedoes D65-D

    Tier 4

    Siege Torpedoes D65-Z
    Impulse Launcher D92-U
    Interceptor V2-H - NEW PRIZE!!
    Siege Missile D55-F
    Zynthonite Armor D4-T
    Assault Torpedo D63-B
    Achilles Missile D55-B
    Zynthonite Armor D4-M
    Zynthonite Armor D4-P

    Top Prizes

    Executioner Turret - NEW PRIZE!!
    Dead Eye Executioner Turret - NEW PRIZE!!

    1. Thanks for posting.. I updated the main post with what info I have currently, when the prices come out I will post the prize/price list.


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