Thursday, September 18, 2014

Frostbite Fleet Maps

for breakdowns go here

Fleet Maps for Frostbite.
Something I have been working on for a while now,  not completely happy with them but I will put them out here for comments/consideration.   As I get to the campaigns I will put out some maps with lands and buildings,  these are the open water fleets to start with.

Please keep in mind these are very raw,  but we thought they would be fun/useful especially with the mine locations.


Note:  I almost refused to publish these yet.. I am not happy with how the maps with ground/drac piping come out ...  Perspective is off for the land,  but everything else should line up with what you see in the game

Fleet 25

Fleet 41

Fleet 43

Fleet 45

Fleet 47

Recon target 1
Recon target 2
Recon target 3
Recon target 4
Recon target 5

Siege target 1

Siege target 2

Siege target 3

Siege target 4

Siege target 5

Assault target 1

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