Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Reckoning - Raid

Last Updated 7/17/2014 at 12:30 PM MST
Added tier bonus breakdowns.

See this link for update information/stats on the prizes:

-Official announcement reduced price of phantom nighthawk from 50 to 40m.
-Added teaser image for phantom nighthawk

- This is of course ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE!  But this is what it looks like as of this evening.
- Clarification on Prize list "Kixeye Recommended" comment:  Kixeye has flagged certain things as "Priority", IE, it is something they believe is a priority for you to own.  So the BB A variant they gave a priority 1, the BC a priority 2.  The x2, does not indicate you can redeem it twice, just that it was a higher priority recommendation!

Upcoming Event: 83 Name: TheReckoning
Event runs from 2014-07-17 16:00:00 to 2014-07-21 16:00:00
Prize Type: purchase_group_bonus

Phantom Nighthawk image:

Teaser images:

Raid Description/Teasers
  • The culmination of this conflict draws near. With Vassago and Grimshine in your crosshairs, now's the time to attack. The Reckoning is upon us! RSVP
  • With the Reavers and Draconians locked in all out war, it's time to strike! Prepare your fleets to destroy both enemies and rid our territories of Warzones.  Win out and the lethal Nighthawk could be yours. Can we count on you, Captain? RSVP             
  • Destroy all Warzones on the seas and claim the Phantom Nighthawk as your own. This deadly flagship sub glides across the World Map undetected, without alerting enemies until it's too late. Ready your forces - the Reckoning begins in less than 24 hours! RSVP 
  • Click a prize on the left for more details. Use the tabs to view different prize tiers. You may redeem a limited number of prizes per tier. Destroy enough Warzones to purchase the Nighthawk Submarine and Siege Torpedo D65-Z! Go above and beyond to earn powerful limited blueprints, the flagship Phantom Nighthawk and the all-seeing Viper Interdictor.

Group : 1
Targets : 11,12,13,14,15
Completion Bonuses : 1,500,000 | 1,600,000 | 1,700,000 | 1,800,000 | 2,000,000 | 2,000,000

Group : 2
Targets : 6,7,8,9,10
Completion Bonuses : 500,000 | 550,000 | 600,000 | 650,000 | 750,000 | 750,000

Group : 3
Targets : 1,2,3,4,5
Completion Bonuses : 15,000 | 25,000 | 35,000 | 45,000 | 50,000 | 50,000

Group : 4
Targets : 16
Completion Bonuses : 0

Uranium Rewards:
pts: 150,000 Amount: 100
pts: 500,000 Amount: 250
pts: 2,000,000 Amount: 500
pts: 5,000,000 Amount: 2000
pts: 10,000,000 Amount: 5000

Prize Breakdown

Tier : 1 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 15,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Alloy Armor CX-1
  *  Price: 15,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Alloy Armor MX-1
  *  Price: 15,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Shredder Cannon I
  *  Price: 15,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D2-U
  *  Price: 15,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D2-V
  *  Price: 30,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Hailstorm Anti-Mortar A
  *  Price: 30,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Phalanx Anti-Missile
  *  Price: 30,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Speed System I
  *  Price: 30,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Strike System I
  *  Price: 30,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Vortex Torpedoes D61-A
  *  Price: 30,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Vortex Torpedoes D61-T
  *  Price: 45,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Battle Barge A (Kixeye Recommended x1)

Tier : 2 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 35,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Alloy Armor CX-2
  *  Price: 35,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Alloy Armor MC-2
  *  Price: 35,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Shredder Cannon II
  *  Price: 45,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D3-E
  *  Price: 45,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D3-U
  *  Price: 60,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Assault Torpedoes D63-R
  *  Price: 60,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Assault Torpedoes D63-X
  *  Price: 60,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Hailstorm Anti-Mortar B
  *  Price: 70,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Phalanx Anti-Missile
  *  Price: 70,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Speed System II
  *  Price: 70,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Strike System II
  *  Price: 110,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Battlecruiser (Kixeye Recommended x2)

Tier : 3 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 1,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Alloy Armor MC-3
  *  Price: 1,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Alloy Armor MX-3
  *  Price: 1,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Shredder Cannon III
  *  Price: 1,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Alloy Armor CX-3
  *  Price: 1,750,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Countermeasure Equipment III
  *  Price: 2,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Depleted Uranium Shells III
  *  Price: 2,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Phalanx Anti-Missile
  *  Price: 2,250,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Barracuda
  *  Price: 2,250,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Hailstorm Anti-Mortar C
  *  Price: 2,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Sawfish
  *  Price: 2,750,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Zynthonite Armor D4-U
  *  Price: 3,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Hornet UAV (Kixeye Recommended x3), Price Reduced also

Tier : 4 Total prizes redeemable: 2

  *  Price: 2,250,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Shockwave Mortar D71-Q
  *  Price: 4,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Speed System III
  *  Price: 4,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Strike System III
  *  Price: 4,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Assault Mortar D73-X
  *  Price: 4,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Chaos Mortar
  *  Price: 4,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Impulse Launcher D92-U
  *  Price: 4,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Vulture Missiles
  *  Price: 5,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Dragonfly UAV
  *  Price: 5,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Impulse Launcher D92-F
  *  Price: 5,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Siege Torpedoes D65-Z (New) (Kixeye Recommended x1)
  *  Price: 7,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Javelin Railgun
  *  Price: 7,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Disruptor Cannon

Tier : 5 Total prizes redeemable: 12

  *  Price: 8,000,000  MaxRedeem: 10  Viper Interdictor (New)
  *  Price: 12,500,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Nighthawk (New) (Kixeye Recommended x1)
  *  Price: 50,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Phantom Nighthawk (New) (lowered 7/15/2014)
  *  Price: 40,000,000  MaxRedeem: 1  Phantom Nighthawk (New)


  1. Post will be updated as information comes available... this is the bare minimum required to get the countdown timer up in the game, we probably wont have more details till next week.

  2. Added lead-in images, the new sub looks pretty cool...

  3. Confirmed there is no cap on tiers in the raid.

  4. Looks like last raids prize list?

    1. May be in flux still, but T5 and 1 of T4 is not.

  5. Says you can only redeem one standard Nighthawk? Must not be accurate there, and 50M for the Phantom, wow I hope that's wrong lol

    1. Just posting what comes across the ether. I assume Kixeye is either screwing with me or throwing it out there to see what sticks and perhaps looking at discounting it last minute.

      Overall, very surprised the data is even out there yet. Didn't expect anything until Mon or Tuesday!

    2. Realised that redeeming onky 1 standard nighthawk is cool, forgot it wasn't limited. But that 50M man, that's rough, even a Grim cost only 25M, hope it's not true :(

    3. Kixeye have probably set the cost of the limited sub super high so they can discount it early next week to make it look like they're listening to people

  6. It should be said that max redemption of 1 means either only 1 can be redeemed, or redeeming 1 will let you build unlimited.... I hope it is not the latter with the 50m subs.

  7. The Viper Interdictor is probably meant to be like the Nash Lightning, one redeem per one build but you can make a fleet, or two in this cae, whereas the Phantom is just a one time only build as a flagship. Regular nighthawk will be one redeem unlimited build like most hulls.

    1. Probably but there does not seem to be a destinction in the list available yet..

  8. In regard to when this info was posted (per comments in the forums). Honestly, it had nothing to do with what some have speculated. I posted it when I got home and had processed it. This was just shy of 5 PM PST (4:50 to be exact). It was not done at this time to make it hard for mods to verify the info with developers, it had to do with me getting home, processing and posting said data.

    Most IT staffs have on call personnel, I assume Kixeye being a "large" enough company also has this and if they were truly concerned about it the mods would have the ability to follow up with them. If they truly don't, I find that interesting.

    Overall I believe it all helps fuel the interest in the upcoming raid, perhaps that is why the file was released on Friday and not next week (which is when I assumed it would show up). Those that are going to do the raid are going to do it regardless of the prize price list. Those that aren't going to do it specifically because of one prize being highly priced probably wouldn't have done it anyway.

    As mentioned previously, it could all be an elaborate joke. We'll see in the next few days when kixeye releases the official list. But until then, all I can do is post the info they sent to everyone playing the game.

  9. Agreed, we have no control over WHEN things are released by kixeye, if you know the place to look you can see the same data yourselves...

  10. Cast please inferno rocket :(

  11. bring back the reepers and stop being so greedy kixeye

  12. Please please include Reaver Chain Gun I, II, and III...PLEASE!!!!

    1. lol, I don't think anyone from kixeye reads this blog as I've noted numerous bugs in payout costs before that they don't get fixed until last minute!

  13. In tier 3 what does is mean by kixeye recommend x3?

    1. From top of page:
      - Clarification on Prize list "Kixeye Recommended" comment: Kixeye has flagged certain things as "Priority", IE, it is something they believe is a priority for you to own. So the BB A variant they gave a priority 1, the BC a priority 2. The x2, does not indicate you can redeem it twice, just that it was a higher priority recommendation!

  14. The Monthly events need a better payout on Uranium

  15. This buying a full fleet of hubs is just a money grab and players noticing it and complaining lisson up kixeye. Kixeye keeps this up they will be losing more and more players doing raids and this is one of them.You win a hull you should be abled to to build as many as you like if its not limited.

  16. Added breakdowns for tier bonuses.


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