Monday, June 24, 2013 and FB page

Most of you are probably already aware of these links, but in case you aren't: - some decent strategies and some great run downs on drac armor and weapons - leaked info beyond anything I normally provide since they appear to be putting things up from the preview server (I don't utilize the preview server for any info I personally post).

Based on what they have posted (I'm assuming again from the preview server), looks like my guess on tier 1-5 for new prizes was most likely accurate, but as always it is subject to change I'm sure as there are still over 3 days until the raid.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dragon's Nest

yeah, yeah, yeah, a few days late, that is what happens when they release info while I go on vacation!

No idea what has already floated around on the BP forums, but here is what I have.  No idea what of these will show up in Dragon's Nest, but never do, so why should this post be any different!

Greta appears to be back (think that is in their fb page too?)

Ok, so my guess at Dragon's Nest based on the latest updates:
  • Tier 5: Disruptor Cannon
  • Tier 4: Mauler (was known as Kraken before)
  • Tier 1-3:  Counter Measures 1-3
Note:  I've updated the order and the name since my original post 10 mins ago.  I'm basing Tier4/5 based on DH3 and the Mercury/Rail Gun prizes.  Purely playing the odds from the way it was last released!

The Mauler looks like this:
Description on it:  An aggressive hull with enhanced attack capabilities.
Weapon Slots:  6
Size:  Same as the Mercury 

I know it has probably been floating around as someone sent me a pic with supposed stats a bit ago.  I can't verify those stats though so I won't pass them on at this time.

Based on what I can see it is not defined as a sub (at least at this point, nor does it look like one to me).

Drac Outposts:
Level 5 walls now added

New Weapons:
Disruptor Cannon

Other things:
Looks like sometime in the recent past they started planning for people who were over level 100, looking all the way up to 130 right now.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Event 11 prep? (6/6 update)

Ok, looks like a lot more prep for hitting drac bases.  Not sure if that will be the mini event or the next raid, but I assume most of this is for the next raid.

  • ZA-D3M - Medium armor - Missile Def
  • ZA-D2C - Light armor - Cannon Def

  • Kraken
  • size:  large (mercury size)
  • weapons:  6

Ship Weapons:  (already talked about but didn't know they were ship weapons)
  • Piranha Depth Charges 1-3

Base Weapons:
  • Disruptor Cannon
  • Defense Rockets
  • Defense Mortars
  • Counter Measures 1-3
  • Wharf Rats - travel faster, loot more (map speed and carry more cargo)
  • Lucky Bastards - guarantee blueprint drop (100% rate!)
  • Notorious Cutthroats - 2x reputation gain
  • Salty Dogs - 2x veterancy exp gain (favored forsaken hulls)
  • Gearheads - 2x combat speed boost at start of battle
  • Dead-Eye Destroyers - Deal critical damage w/ all weapon types (double damage if you hit)
  • Stealheads - Damage protection from all weapon types 
  • Dragonslayers - Drac hull enhancement (carry away more Zyn)
  • Sea Serpents - Better turn and evasion
  • Wrecking Crew - Extra building damage
  • Creeping Death - gain time in base attacks (favored HH's)
  • Midnight Marauders - More powerful as you take more damage (favored interdictor)
  • Silent Hunters - critical hit chance for Subs (favored predator)
  • Wolfpack - critical hit chance missiles (favored SW)
  • Mortarheads - critical hit chance with mortars (favored dreads)
  • Fearless Blitzers - critical hit chance with cannons, 2x speed for short period (favored stingray)
  • Junkyard Dogs - critical hit chance for base guard fleet (favored toilets, I mean goliaths)
  • Hellfire Heathens - critical hit chance with rockets (favored thresher)
  • Radar Runners - time to launch rocket in combat reduced (favored gunboat)
  • Bullseye Brigade - Perfect accuracy for cannons, missiles and torps (favored missile cruisers)
  • Molotov Maidens - Splash weapons (favored SC's)
  • Crypt Keepers - sub stealth increase and cloak time (favored spectre)
  • Grease Monkeys - 1/2 fleet repair time
  • Demolition Squad - damage and extra time bonus in base attacks (favored triton)
  • Disciples of Skullduggery - misses become critical hits, splash = more damage
I'm sure I missed something in there, like I said, way too many updates and this took way too much time to compile, I'm off to bed, sorry for any errors! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

6/3 update, besides the Alliance stuff

I'm sure we all saw the alliance popup message about some change happening there (I'll admit, didn't read it), but a few other things happening behind the scenes also....

Name Change:
Nuclear Combustion special from a week or two ago (still not released), now looks like its had a possible name change to Combustion System.


Piranha Depth Charge 1-3 (will the name stay?)

More stuff I'll probably never own, still have a lot of missing stuff in the weekly Tier3 missions and all I really want is for the Compound E to come back and let me actually win it instead of all this other stuff I'll never use!!!