Thursday, September 4, 2014

4 September - Mini Update(Bugfix)

Ok, a few things changed here,  setting up more specials with power usage...  Also added the Cryo Flachette that was missing from the last file.

Interestingly they removed the new "Baby" items from the game... i'm guessing it was a snafu to release them when they did.  If you didn't see what they were look back at the update from the 3rd.

Now,  for mapobjects...  They snafu'd on this too it looks like.  The update from the 3rd added "maxslots = 2" to the Warzone campaign.  This has been removed and now added to the "Campaign bases for Arctic Theme"  Read: Arctic Bases.

Now this is pure speculation, however this setting is on drac bases, and outposts as well..  So my guess is next raid we will be able to do co-op! ,, again not official and could change but this is what things are looking like now.

Processing  : advlab
Item: Enhanced Propulsion powerConsumedP from(2.9999999E-2 to 0.07) powerConsumedP from(0.13 to 0.25999999) powerConsumedP from(0.30000001 to 0.60000002)
Item: Barrage Rack powerConsumedP from(0.02 to 3.9999999E-2) powerConsumedP from(5.0000001E-2 to 0.17) powerConsumedP from(0.19 to 0.38)

Processing  : blueprints
Item: Coaxial Turret powerConsumed from(1941 to 2204)

New Records:
v191.v40745, Special Cryo Flachette(1353)

Deleted Records:
v191.v40664, Baby Bypass Missile Turret(1355)
v191.v40664, Baby Draconian Coaxial Turret(1356)
v191.v40664, Baby Achilles Missile D55-B(1357)

Processing  : mapobjects
Item: Campaign Warzones maxslots from(2 to )
Item: Campaign bases for Arctic theme maxslots from( to 2)

Processing  : weapondata
Item: Flak Gun powerConsumed from(1 to 140) powerConsumed from(2 to 186) powerConsumed from(3 to 224) powerConsumed from(4 to 279)
Item: Bombard Rockets powerConsumed from(1 to 43) powerConsumed from(2 to 103) powerConsumed from(3 to 181) powerConsumed from(4 to 258)

Item Name: Special Cryo Flachette (draconian)
salvo: 1
reload: 1
weight: 1
Damage: 900
Wall Damage: 50%
Range: 91
Retrofit Lvl:3
Accuracy: 200%
Building Damage: 50%
Salvo Reload: 0
Slow duration: 1012
Maximum Stacks for weapon: 40 (UAV this is max active,  other weapons this is the number that triggers a special, or limits debuffs)
Buff Weapon ID: Value: 1334 (Cryo Launcher D104-C)
Stack Multipler: 7.0x

Stack Weapon:
Item Name: D104 Endothermic Reaction (draconian)
salvo: 1
reload: 10
Damage: 200
Wall Damage: 100%
Range: 60
Retrofit Lvl:1
Accuracy: 100%
Building Damage: 250%
Splash: 100
Min Splash: 60
Submerged Dmg: 50%


  1. Thanks mate. So the GNC special doesn't replace one of the weapons huh? I guess I should try it out on one ship with only a thudd1 when I have shipyard time.

    1. [{"mintime":"0.2", "maxtime":"1.0", "launchoverride":[1353]}]
      It only overrides on weapons type of "launcher", so Thud would not work

    2. Hi Nuke Great work.

      So is this Cryo Flachette bases on total amount of flachettes or by time/ launcher count ?

    3. It appears to be by time, between .2 and 1s random. I'm guessing it still has the per salvo requirement (ie no more than 1 per salvo)

      I do not have any further information on it though.


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