Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jav and DU3 Shells

Anyone know if this is a display problem?

Weapon Type = Ballistic
Base Damage = 1620
DU3 Shells = 50% Ballistic Damage

Shown Damage = 1944

1944/1620 = 1.2, not 1.5

Correct damage should be 2430, correct?

This may have been discussed long ago on forums, but was working on output script and noticed things didn't match up, so thought I'd ask to see if anyone knows?

Underlying data in files is 1.5, so I can only assume Kix screwed up on the display piece here, but.....  ????


  1. 1620+324=1944, I think it's adding the base and bonus damage, not computing the additional damage from special.

  2. ah, yeah, very possible, as the missile damage is 20%.

    Thanks! That is what happens when you stare at things too long!

  3. the du3 bonus should only apply to the ballistic damage too ... more fun :)

  4. Yea Kixeye (like always) is displaying the wrong stat.
    It shows ballistic+penetration instead of (ballistic+50%)+penetration.

    Who knows if they even calculate the DU3 correctly...

  5. i have never seen it show up with the special already added...

    1. Yeah, you are probably right, I was just initially thrown by the difference in main damage vs displayed damage. Think it is just saying "overall" damage in the one display. Stupidity on my part thinking Kix would compute the damage difference when a special was added :)

  6. Looks like they addressed this this past week. Shows much higher damage now, 2754 (haven't done the math to verify yet, but looks like addressed).

    Thanks Kix.


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