Thursday, May 30, 2013

Whats new 5/30/2013 - nothing

Nothing new in this weeks update, at least as far as what I track.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Whats new in the update from 5/23/2013

What just because I'm a day late you didn't think I wouldn't look at what they added this week did you?

So 2 of the 3 main things added to the specials we all know about:
  • Concussive Upgrade I
  • Evade Upgrade I
But there is also another new special not yet released, which is pictured above:
  • Nuclear Combustion
Edit 5/25: we were initially guessing on this just by the picture, hadn't found the desc at the time yet
something to make missiles hit harder?
something to make them explode like morts?
something that will never be released?

We'll see as time goes on. (or we'll go off the description splash and speed increase for explosive weapons).

On the weapons front there is a lot of holes in the data I see.  3 new weapons, no new names (one may be a bombard drac weapon).  I still have 6 holes from a previous files too, so maybe I should look harder one of these days.  Oh well.

Weapons I may have missed in the past:
  • Maelstrom5
Drac Bases - what may be in them:
  • Defensive Platforms
  • Command Center
  • Producers (zyn, energy, oil and metal).. hey just like us!
  • Quad Top platforms
  • WH's
  • Guard Fleets
  • Walls
  • Hab Block (hell if I know)
Similar to our bases, with a hint of  a mission OP and a few twists.

Overall there was a large change in the format of the data, so not sure what all I've missed and will have to dig back through and update this post as needed.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Drac Hunt 4 part 2

Mission briefing can be found here.

Looks like 3 new types of drac drones also, I assume they'll either show up this raid, or perhaps they are actually the ones we get now, but don't have much more than a few pics.  One of them below.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why I ask you not to link to my blog in kixeye forums

The #1 reason I prefer you don't link to my blog in the forums is that kixeye doesn't like external links to sites in the forums.  

Ultimately if someone uses google, typically within 24 hours of me posting my blog is rated higher on the list than anything Kixeye has out there, so it shouldn't be hard for people to find the site on their own.  Perhaps just tell them to google for whatever the latest raid name is.

If you do inadvertently post links to my blog on the forums be aware they may remove the link.  If you see others that post it, please be careful in how you ask them to remove it and don't inadvertently quote it in the response to them also.

As of my last check, no new details I could tell about new stuff than what I'd already posted.  Will keep an eye on it again over the next few days and do an updated post if I find pictures or new details.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Drac Hunt 4

The latest official info on Drac Hunt 4 can be found here.

Ok, we'll start with the normal disclaimer, my best guess, subject to change, etc, etc.

New Hull:

No stats on ship size or number of weapon slots yet.

New Tactical Modules:
Siege Drone Module 1-3

New Weapon:

At this time no pictures of any of them.  I didn't dig too much, but will look as the week progresses and possible update this post in the next few days.  Typically it is all posted by now, but not this week.

Unknown if the stingray is the same one they discussed on the wish list 6 months ago.

Other news:
Looks like they may have either put some more error checking in the game or they have just exported the data to where it is easier to update:
  • Cannot Create More Than 120 Ships
  • Ship Id Is Occupied Already!
  • Fleet ID Does Not Exist
  • Invalid Ship Data: hullID
  • Invalid Ship Data: weapons
  • Invalid Ship Data: armors
  • Invalid Ship Data: specials
  • Ship id not exist
  • Fleet Has More Than 5 Ships
  • Flagship already exists in fleet
  • Ship Already Exists In That Slot
  • Fleet ID Does Not Exists
  • Invalid Fleet Location
  • Player Does Not Own That Ship
  • Ship Is Part of a Different Fleet
  • Fleet Cannot Have More Than 5 Ships
Plus a few others, but they weren't ship related.

A few in there seem to indicate errors if you are trying to clone fleets or ships from fleet to fleet.  Will be interesting to see if this helps cut down on cloning or not.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mission #9

Mini Event #9 set to start in about 12 hours, it appears we may have a few new things to win this mission:

Ship Specials:
  • Transport System 1 - Bump in map speed and cargo space
  • Transport System 2 - Little better on both than #1
  • Transport System 3 - Even greater than #2 of course

Ship Weapons:
  • Negotiator Mortar 1 - Mortar for open water (larger splash?)
  • Negotiator Mortar 2 - Mortar for open water (larger splash?)
  • Negotiator Mortar 3 - Mortar for open water (larger splash?)
  • Havok Torpedoes 5 - version 5 of the havok torp who knows

As always, just my best guess, these may be down the road a bit also, or never released, we'll just have to see tomorrow.