Friday, September 26, 2014

25 September Mini Update


  • Laser specials removed from retro..
  • Reaver bypass Javelin range increased to 250 (raw value /5) and Damage is now 150 (raw value *2)
  • Dredge fleets now circle? (Like raid targets.)
  • Kongregate is officially an entry vector for BP,  for those who want yet ANOTHER base...  Kong Maurauder is indeed for those players
  • new players get STARTER GOLD?? Not sure where this applies but the text is there.

Processing  : advlab
Item: Laser Targeting crGroup from(pen_special to ) crGroup from(pen_special to) crGroup from(pen_special to )

Processing  : blueprints
Item: Reaver Bypass Javelin assetid from(5531 to ) dmg from(20 to 75) rng from(1
150 to 1250)

Processing  : mapobjects
Item: Dredge Fleet circlingallowed from( to 1)

Processing  : component_retrofit
New Records:
  Ballistic Plate Armor(10025)
  Penetrative Plate Armor(10026)
  Explosive Plate Armor(10027)
  Compound Plate Armor(10501)

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