Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Forsaken Arena point tier cost-reward

Here's the chart as I see it currently..
I was reminded that the discounted repair cost is based on player level not the rank...   Looking for the calculations for this now,   if you can post your level and repair cost it would be helpful!
Edit: I screwed up ... I'm sorry I was rushing on this, apparently there is a rank that cannot be obtained at this point, and my rank names were off by 1 .. fixed now

NamePoint Range VXP MultiplierAutoRepair Cost
Warrant Officer0-799100%2500 Uranium
Veteran Warrant Officer800-929100%2500 Uranium
Ensign930-1029100%2500 Uranium
Veteran Ensign1030-1119100%2500 Uranium
Lieutenant1120-1209100%2500 Uranium
Veteran Lieutenant1210-1289100%2500 Uranium
Captain1290-1359120%2500 Uranium
Veteran Captain1360-1439120%2500 Uranium
Commander1440-1499140%2500 Uranium
Veteran Commander1500-1559140%2500 Uranium
Vice Admiral1560-1629160%2500 Uranium
Veteran Vice Admiral1630-1699160%2500 Uranium
Admiral1700-1779180%2500 Uranium
Veteran Admiral1780-1869180%2500 Uranium
Legendary Admiral1870+200%2500 Uranium


  1. Level 57 - 700 Uranium. It seems lower level players have it more easy, than higher level players. I'm afraid to think how much Forsaken Arena will cost to the level 90+ & 100+ players.


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