Thursday, December 18, 2014

Any BP Junkies looking for something new to beta test?

We started up a new blog back in September for a new game we found out about.  You can find the latest blog post here:

For those that don't want to visit a different page, main content, with some minor changes can be found here:

Awhile back both Nuke and I were approached by the authors of a new game, The Robot Apocalypse to possible get in on the early testing, give feedback and just plain testing it out and see what we thought.

This new FB game is similar to Battle Pirates in game style, so for those used to it you should be comfortable in the general flow of the game.  With that said though, there are some unique features in the game that set it apart also.

The authors have been very receptive to feedback and suggestions and, at this time, are looking for some beta testers to start adding into the mix in the coming weeks and months.

While I could put photos or videos on here about the game, I'll instead refer you over to their Facebook Page:

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for them on it, providing them with feedback on bugs, balance, things you like or dislike, etc, email "", subject line of  "Robot Apocalypse testing".


For the time being I'll be double posting information, both here and at the new blog.  We'll see if both continue to stick around or if we end up collapsing it down to a single blog.

Anyway, for those looking to give some early feedback on a new game, giving you a chance to possibly help shape it and work with a team that so far has been very receptive, here is your chance.  If you have some free time and are interested in providing useful feed back, drop them an email and request to be part of the beta team on this new game!

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  1. It seems to be BP on land, which may appeal to both BP and WC players. While I don't have the time to really be of any use in terms of a beta tester i'll be watching this project and if it comes to fruition i'll promote it to my friends in both games.


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