Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sept 5 update

Ok, old news for most of you by now, but didn't look last night or this morning so first I'd seen it:

Warehouses - can be upgraded to 11 and 12 now.
Drac Bases - will award new Blueprints


  • Proto-Nemesis
  • Weapon slots 16
  • Desc1:  This untested bleeding-edge prototype houses a fleet's worth of firepower bombarding distant targets with specialized high-arc missile mounts and obliterating close range targets with rocket barrages.
  • Desc2:  All Missiles Gain Splash
  • Frontline Platform CX - Frontline turret system to protect against explosive damage while increasing ballistic accuracy.
  • Bombard Platform - Increases range on anti-mortar protection while reducing stun times from electromagnetic attacks.
  • Insulated Panels X- Hybrid turret panels that protect from explosive damage and reduce stun times from eletromagnetic attacks.
  • Fire Support Platform M - Long range system that adds both range and increased damage to missile based defense turrets.
  • Frontline Platform MC - Frontline turret system to protect against ballistic damage while increasing missile damage.
  • Insulated Panels M - Hybrid panels that protect from missile damage and reduce stun times from eletromagnetic attacks.
And they duplicated information in the sprite data sheet for the juggs when they added the Proto-Nemesis in.  So for whoever from Kixeye that reads this, update the sprite file!

If you want all specs on all of this, check out bpoutpost, they have screen shots of the actual BPs

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