Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Drac Armor Ratings

Ok, I used to label it as Drac0-9 for armor, I tried to convert them all over to Alliance Armour 1-10, but I know I missed some.

Anyway, rough estimates on what each one is worth:

  • Alliance Armor 1 = 49
  • Alliance Armor 2 = 72-79
  • Alliance Armor 3 = 172-212
  • Alliance Armor 4 = 419
  • Alliance Armor 5 = 543
  • Alliance Armor 6 = 865
  • Alliance Armor 7 = 1386
  • Alliance Armor 8 =
  • Alliance Armor 9 = 3505-3603
  • Alliance Armor 10 = 5583-5669
  • DracMegaArmor = ? 10,000-12,000  (going to be about (40,000 - Nemesis Base Armor points) / 2 
I'm not sure how close some of those are and I'm honestly not sure how accurate any of them can be as I'm not 100% sure that:
  1. They don't change from FM to FM and Raid to Raid. (we know fleets seem to change during raids with sub detection)
  2. That the HP's on the fleets reflect an underlying base ship armor rating plus bolt on armor rating since the numbers, as you can see weren't always quite the same.  Could be because of poor numbers I originally had as I'm guessing at weights of Drac versions of fleets we have knowing they aren't a 1:1 match.
Anyway, since I can normally tell you what the fleet is and the armors it has, but not always the HP value, for those that really want to figure it out, here are some basic numbers to start with!

No idea of any boosts these may give.

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