Thursday, September 12, 2013

Retrofit lab

We on the lookout for the new Retrofit lab in BP in the near future. (looks like it is there already, I just had to refresh)

"Upgrade Hull Blueprints up to five levels with the Retrofit Lab. Once upgraded, all of that type of ship in your fleets will automatically receive the upgrade. Hit the World Map and collect Resources to max out your forces now!"

It is a water based lab, so at least we don't have to try to fit it on the land along with everything else.

Check out bpoutpost on FB, they have video and more info!  Or just log into the game!

So they list these as the first ones that can be retrofitted:  (links to the R5 pics for each since lapdragon started providing some below I just linked all of them)
There is also indication that these will be allowed to at some point in the future:


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  2. !!!


    1. yeah that is why I mentioned they'd be out in the future, they already have the general info in the files, just haven't given us the players the option yet!

    2. Made links to all of them, current and future (who knows when in the future if ever, only 2 years to attack drac bases and all!)

  3. Thanks for the links though, I hadn't dug for them yet!


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