Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mini Event 16

We have a few new things upcoming.  Lets start with the info for the next Forsaken Mission:

"Splash Upgrade - a stacking special that extends the damage radius of splash weapons. Missions will only be available for a limited time so equip your fleets and prepare for battle!"

This is a single special, so therefor I assume Tier 3.

New tacticals (that may be released during the mission, haven't seen yet):

  • Piranha Drones 1-3
  • Ships have 2 weapons each

New upcoming ship:

  • baby goliath
  • 7 weapons


  1. Awww. No drones this mission. Well odds are they are gonna be for a raid or maybe they give us something in the tac lab. Doubt the latter though.

  2. I see base hitters using the piranha drones......they would go up a channel further than the siege/ballistic drones to distract base turrets. Another addition to assist splash weapons.....odd. Wonder if siege B will be available again.

    1. What are you talking about? The drones are not out yet and we don't know what they do.

  3. I assume we'll either see Piranha Drones for the FM next week, or more likely something like T1-3 for the next raid along with the Baby Goliath as T4 or something similar. I found that I have all T1 and T2 stuff for the FM, but am missing 3 from T3 (only was missing 1 at the end of the last FM). So they cycled some old stuff back in that I was missing. Still waiting for Compound E though!


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