Saturday, September 21, 2013

New way to provide the info on a 40

Text version can be found here, but since it is nice to see what the base actually looks like I figured I'd do this.

Also adding a best guess at what the fleets are with this setup.  This makes the assumption that the Drac versions of the ship are the same as what we get and I am pretty sure this is not the case!  But gives you an idea of what is on the fleet at least.

2x Guardian 
  • w:[D73X, D73X, D73X, HailStormA, HailStormA, HailStormA, HailStormA, HailStormA, HailStormA]; 
  • a:[ZA-D2E, ZA-D2E, ZA-D2E, ZA-D2E, ZA-D2E, ZA-D2E]; 
  • s:[ZA-D5X, HES3]

2x MCX
  • w:[D53C, D53C, D53R, D53R, HailStormA, HailStormA];
  • a:[ZA-D2E, ZA-D2E, ZA-D2E, ZA-D2E];
  • s:[SFB3, Sonar3, CombustionSystem]

1x BC
  • w:[D53C, D53C, D53R, D53R];
  • a:[ZA-D4E, ZA-D4E, ZA-D4E];
  • s:[Sonar3, Laser3, SFB3]

Notice if the BC were one of ours, it would be over weight.  Unknown how close "base" stats are equal to what we have, but this gives you a rough idea.

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