Thursday, November 27, 2014


Since I'm not in an alliance I rarely get hit anymore and therefor gave up caring about base defense a LONG time ago, but every now and then I peek other bases and of course get flatten for my troubles.  Today being one of those days I have to admit he had a very nice fleet, but I did find it interesting when my turrets that leave fire on the water (such as meteor mortars) shot, the fire disappeared immediately.  I've seen this in hitting fleets during the raids, typically the big drac ship with the the slow down (sorry too tired to go look up the name!), but had never seen it on players fleets before.

Perhaps it is something on the flagship?

Anyway, fleet was nice and is as follows:
4x Interceptor V2-H (HP: 11,454/11,454)
 Specials: [1x Strike System III, 1x Compound Armor D5-X, 1x Enhanced Warhead 3, 1x Guidance Scrambler 3]
 Weapons: [4x Assault Missile D53-Z (0-92.5), 3x Assault Torpedoes D63-B (27-78), 1x Hailstorm Anti-Mortar A (0-28)]
 Armor: [3x Zynthonite Armor D4-E, 1x Zynthonite Armor D3-E]
 Tac Modules: []
 Thermal Detection Range: 68
 Sonar Range: 32
 Cargo: 1,135,258
 Combat Speed: 26.25
 Map Speed: 45
 Turn Speed: 20
 Evade: 65%
 Missile Range: 25% (already computed in weapon range above)
 Ballistic Defense: 46%
 Explosive Defense: 46%
 Missile Defense: 46%
 Nuclear Defense: 20%
 Concussive Defense: 40%
 Penetrating Reload: 90%
 Weight: 6397/6548

1x Frostburn Interceptor (HP: 13,124/13,124)
 Specials: [1x Strike System III, 1x Guidance Scrambler 3, 1x Compound Armor D5-X, 1x Enhanced Warhead 3]
 Weapons: [2x None, 2x Assault Torpedoes D63-B (27-78), 4x Assault Missile D53-Z (0-92.5)]
 Armor: [4x Zynthonite Armor D4-E]
 Tac Modules: []
 Thermal Detection Range: 90
 Sonar Range: 80
 Cargo: 1,635,258
 Combat Speed: 25.5
 Map Speed: 56.25
 Turn Speed: 20
 Evade: 73%
 Missile Range: 25% (already computed in weapon range above)
 Ballistic Defense: 53%
 Explosive Defense: 53%
 Missile Defense: 53%
 Nuclear Defense: 50%
 Concussive Defense: 40%
 Penetrating Reload: 100%
 Radiological Reload: 100%
 Weight: 6099/8892

The Frostburn Interceptor does have the following stats, perhaps one of them is what provides this feature?

Item Name: Frostburn Interceptor (Flagship Only) (draconian)
  • Lab Level Required : 1
  • Oil : 17507813
  • Energy : 14806250
  • Metal : 14806250
  • Zynthium : 39015625
  • Build Time : 5d 13h 13m 20s (With Officer 4d 23h 54m)
  • Admin : Yes
  • Level/Retrofit Level : 1
  • Faction : draconian
  • Type : Hull
  • Category : limited
  • Armor : 6,124
  • Penetrative Defense : 30%
  • Explosive Defense bonus : 30%
  • Ballistic Defense Bonus : 30%
  • Radiological Defence Bonus : 50%
  • Retargeting : Yes
  • Armor Slots : 4
  • Repair Modifier : 100%
  • Total Weapon Slots : 8
  • Refitable : Y
  • Turn Speed : 20
  • Weapon Slot Types : 8 x Surface/Underwater
  • Maximum VXP : 43,068
  • Special Slots : 4
  • Salvage : 1,635,258t
  • Evade Bonus : 40%
  • Combat Speed : 15.0000
  • Maximum Weight : 8,892
  • Map Speed : 37
  • Cloak Detection Range : 80
  • Penetrative Reload Bonus : 100%
  • Concussive Defense bonus : 40%
  • Flak Evade Bonus : -40%
  • Radiological Reload Bonus : 100%
  • Concussive Damage Bonus : 40%
  • Radiological Damage Bonus : 50%
  • Show Thermal Detection Aura : Yes
  • Unreactive : 6 Seconds
  • thermal Detection Range : 90
  • **** Unknown key capacity : 1
  • Ship secondary Bonuses: Item Name: Interceptor Cryogenic Field (draconian)
    • Lab Level Required : 1
    • Item Groups : cryo1
    • Mounts on : ship
    • Tactical Range : 60
    • Faction : draconian
    • Level : 1
    • Affects Ships : Yes
    • Category : npc
    • Hostile Effects : Yes
    • Max items per group equipped : 1
    • Turn Speed Bonus : -50%
    • Speed Bonus : -50%
    • Building Concussive Armor Defense : -30
    • Building Penetrative Armor Defense : -30
    • Building Explosive Armor Defense : -30
    • Building Ballistic Armor Defense : -30
    • Explosive Armor Bypass : 30%
    • Ballistic Armor Bypass : 30%
    • Concussive Armor Bypass : 30%
    • Penatrative Armor Bypass : 30%
    • Penatrative Reload Bonus : -30%
    • Concussive Reload Bonus : -30%
    • Ballistic Reload Bonus : -30%
    • Radiological Reload Bonus : -30%
    • Explosive Reload Bonus : -30%
    • Affects Regions : Yes
    • Type : m
Anymore I pretty much just collect info, don't play and dig into it like I used to, so probably something everyone else is aware of and I'm just behind because of my lack of actually in game time anymore!  ;)

Anyway, nice fleet and I need to figure out how the flames went away immediately! (someone feel free to tell me I'm crazy too)


  1. My guess is it is a "feature" of the 2ndary field: Interceptor Cryogenic Field (draconian).

    Where I've seen this before is on the Proto-Nem here that had a cryogenic field added to it as a tac module:

    So only guessing that the Cryogenic field puts out fire?? Not sure if there are any threads to verify this, but I'm sure if there are, one of you will know and be able to point me in the right direction.

    1. Ok, like a dog with a bone, had to go look....

      TheBAM mentions it here:

      "...The Frostburn Interceptor's Cryogenic Field can put out fire patches and increase your fleet's survivability. ..."

      Or one comment up from there at least.

      So good to know in the future, anything with the cryogenic field can put out fires. Guess it makes sense, ice putting out fire. Not sure I saw that in any of the postings before, but who knows!

  2. My guess is that in january the reavers will return and you need the ice to fight the fire.. so any1 not getting the frostbum will be shafted lol

  3. Xnih - it is indeed the Frostburn's cryo field that is putting out the fires. The new hull makes fighting the dredges a lot more manageable as it extinguishes all of their reaver fire and also trivializes base defense turrets like napalms. A very handy ship for the current meta.

    1. cool, it wasn't anything I'd seen documented until I went looking, so was just at a loss seeing it happen in my base.

    2. It's just feature of the any "Item Groups : cryo1" (I think), if you will dig a little bit deeper, you will find that Frostburn's Cryogenic Field is just a copy of original Proto-Nemesis Cryogenic Field with changed stats :)

    3. I really hate when it doesn't save my reply's.....

      Yes you appear to be correct, they are both of Item Group cyro1. The stats are identical except for a few things:
      1. 7500 - Tac Module on the protonem has a weight and an armor value.
      2. 7500 is a tac module and could be added to anything with a tac module slot
      3. 7511 - is a 2ndary attribute of the hull (frostburn). Could be added as a 2ndary on another in the future too
      4. Range of 97 for 7500 (tac mod), range of 60 for 7511 (2ndary stats)

      But I can see these being added more and more in the future.

  4. The most startling thing about the Frostburn seems to be that it's actually working 100% correctly, as advertised and wasn't incorrectly described by Kixeye in any way shape or form before or during the event.

    1. That's because they'd already dealt with any 'bugs' when it was on the protos during the last round of reaver raids.

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  6. Does anybody know if the Frostburn puts out your own fires? I'm guessing not, but wouldn't mind having it confirmed.

  7. One other way to put out fires is the Radiation Suppressor tactical special for buildings. I built 5 and my base is (so far) invulnerable to the average NC fleet


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