Thursday, August 7, 2014

Snowblind - Raid



Will update as new information becomes available.
Update: 2014-08-14 9:30 CST UPDATE TO CAMPAIGN TIMES(Increased)!
Update: 2014-08-13 15:00 CST Updated prize list  and modified the targets (down to 2 from 10... what the heck are they doing!?)
Update: 2014-08-12 22:00 CST Updated stats on the new blueprints (kix fixed after initial release)
Update: 2014-08-12 14:00 CST Added campaign info and completion point payouts..
Update: 2014-08-12 12:50 CST Added detailed specs for the new hulls/weapons available to us for raid..
Update: 2014-08-12 12:30 CST Updated levels.  Added information about raid in the new update post.
Update: 2014-08-12 8:00 CST Updated target information.
Update: 2014-08-11 12:30 CST Updated event time.
Update: 2014-08-08 15:00 CST Added Lead-In Banners & Updated time

Currently there are 10 targets indicated   only 3 ,  I'm assuming this will change as time goes on otherwise this will be a VERY boring raid haha

Sinec this will be a primarily campaign-based event,  the rules will be different..   we will publish further info as it becomes available.

No word on Bonuses, or Uranium payouts yet either.

It does look like another 4    it will be a 6-day Event. (per sources in the comments).

Campaign target:Campaign bases for Arctic theme
Runthrough: 1  Repeat 999 Times    Duration:  6h 8h
NPC Damage: 70%
  Prizes: Points: 750000

Campaign target:Campaign bases for Arctic theme
Runthrough: 1  Repeat 999 Times    Duration:  1h 3h

  Prizes: Points: 2250000

Event Preliminary info:

  • Teaser 1: "Through the flames of war, Forsaken leaders have discovered coordinates pointing to the Arctic ice caps. What secret technology is Greta Spader developing in this remote region? Prepare your forces and find out. Snowblind begins 8/14! "
  • Teaser 2: "The recon is over, prepare for the raid, Captain. Infiltrate the coldest reaches and destroy Draconian targets to steal their Arctic technology for your own. The Kodiak hull can be yours. Snowblind begins in 3 days! "
  • Teaser 3: "It's time to strike, Captain. Take your fleets on the offensive and add the armor-bypassing Achilles Missiles to your ships arsenal. Destroy enough Drac bases and decrease your fleets missile reload time with a Savage Kodiak flagship. Snowblind begins tomorrow!"

Upcoming Event: 87 Name: Snowblind
Event runs from 2014-08-14 16:00:00 to 2014-08-18 16:00:00
Event runs from 2014-08-14 16:00:00 to 2014-08-20 16:00:00
Prize Type: purchase_group_bonus 
Prize Type: quota_unlockable

     3x  10x World map Fleets for Arctic theme
     1x World map Fleets for Arctic theme, 1x Campaign bases for Arctic theme

Group : 1
Targets : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30

Completion Bonuses :

Uranium Rewards:
pts: 150,000 Amount: 100
pts: 500,000 Amount: 250
pts: 2,000,000 Amount: 500
pts: 5,000,000 Amount: 2000
pts: 10,000,000 Amount: 5000

Prize Breakdown
Tier : 1

  *  Price: 20,000 Corvette
  *  Price: 24,000 Destroyer X
  *  Price: 28,000 Light Cruiser X
  *  Price: 24,000 Floating Fortress A Priority
  *  Price: 36,000 Leviathan A
  *  Price: 32,000 Battle Barge A

Tier : 2

  *  Price: 50,000 (Difference : -250,000) Hammerhead Hull A Priority
  *  Price: 75,000 Hammerhead Hull B
  *  Price: 150,000 Sea Scorpion A
  *  Price: 200,000 Super Fortress
  *  Price: 250,000 Rampart Priority
  *  Price: 175,000 Battlecruiser Priority
  *  Price: 400,000 Juggernaut
  *  Price: 550,000 Strike Cruiser
  *  Price: 700,000 Mako

Tier : 3

  *  Price: 1,000,000 (Difference : -4,000,000) Juggernaut X Priority
  *  Price: 1,250,000 Battlecruiser X
  *  Price: 1,500,000 Thresher
  *  Price: 2,250,000 Strike Cruiser X
  *  Price: 2,500,000 Hurricane
  *  Price: 2,750,000 Missile Cruiser Priority
  *  Price: 2,500,000 Goliath
  *  Price: 3,000,000 Mercury
  *  Price: 3,250,000 Vindicator
  *  Price: 4,000,000 Dreadnought
  *  Price: 1,750,000 Barracuda
  *  Price: 2,000,000 Sawfish

Tier : 4

  *  Price: 5,500,000 Achilles Missile D55-B Priority
  *  Price: 10,000,000 Nuclear Cruiser
  *  Price: 6,500,000 (Difference : -3,000,000) Dreadnought X Priority
  *  Price: 7,000,000 Triton
  *  Price: 7,000,000 Guardian
  *  Price: 10,000,000 Atlas Carrier
  *  Price: 8,500,000 Reaper
  *  Price: 9,000,000 Lightning Carrier
  *  Price: 12,500,000 Berserker
  *  Price: 8,500,000 (Difference : -1,500,000) Missile Cruiser X Priority
  *  Price: 10,500,000 Vanguard
  *  Price: 10,000,000 Hellstrike

Tier : 5

  *  Price: 12,500,000 Kodiak
  *  Price: 35,000,000 Savage Kodiak

Item Name: Kodiak (draconian)
Oil: 15,234,375
Energy: 12,187,500
Metal: 12,187,500
Zynthium: 30,468,750
Build Time: 6d 7h 23m 20s (With Officer 5d 16h 15m)
Wall Damage: 200% 160%
Retrofit Lvl:1
Type: Hull
Building Damage: 200% 160%
armor: 7,500  6505
Penetrative Defense: 40%
Ballistic Defense: 30%
Explosive Defense: 30%
Radiation Defense: 30% 20%
Armor Slots: 5
Repair modifier: 100%
Max VXP: 43960
Evade: 20% 10%
Combat Speed: 14 11
Map Speed: 35 27.5
Salvage: 1,500,000t
Submarine: No
Turn Speed: 13
Weapon Slots: 10
Special Slots: 4
Max Weight: 9,000
Weapon Slots: 10 x Surface
Anti Explosive Range: +50%
Penetrating Reload: +100%
Flak Evade Bonus: 30%

Item Name: Savage Kodiak (Flagship Only) (draconian)
Oil: 22,851,563
Energy: 18,281,250
Metal: 18,281,250
Zynthium: 45,703,125
Build Time: 9d 11h 5m (With Officer 8d 12h 22m 30s)
Wall Damage: 200% 190%
Retrofit Lvl:1
Type: Hull
Building Damage: 200% 190%
armor: 8,500 8005
Penetrative Defense: 40%
Ballistic Defense: 40%
Explosive Defense: 40%
Radiation Defense: 40% 30%
Armor Slots: 5
Repair modifier: 100%
Max VXP: 43960
Evade: 30% 10%
Combat Speed: 14 11
Map Speed: 35 27.5
Salvage: 2,000,000t
Submarine: No
Turn Speed: 13
Weapon Slots: 10
Special Slots: 4
Max Weight: 10,000
Weapon Slots: 10 x Surface
Anti Explosive Range: +50%
Penetrating Reload: +100%
Flak Evade Bonus: 40%

Ship Field Bonuses:
Item Name: Kodiak Missile Field
Retrofit Lvl:1
Show Aura: No
Affects Ships: Yes
Affects Turrets: No
Affects Projectiles: No
Affects Buildings: No
Aura Range: 9000001  CHECKME
Administrative Gift: No
Show Aura: Yes
Penatrative Reload: +-50%
Resonance Battery ignores: Yes
Penetrative Defense: 50%

Item Name: Micro-Pinch Warhead (draconian)  *** Special from Kodiac Flagship above
Weapon Type: missile
salvo: 16
Mounts on: ship
reload: 13
weight: 594
type: penetrating
Oil: 12,672,440
Energy: 11,405,196
Metal: 12,292,267
Zynthium: 11,785,369
Build Time:  19h 22m 34s (With Officer  17h 26m 18s)
Damage: 0
Wall Damage: 100%
Range: 74
Weapon slot Type: Surface
Retrofit Lvl:5
Type: Weapon
Accuracy: 100%
Building Damage: 100%
armor: 150
****   Unknown key: stun Value: 2.5

Item Name: Achilles Missile D55-B (draconian)
Weapon Type: missile
salvo: 1
Mounts on: ship
reload: 8
weight: 850
type: penetrating
Oil: 6,500,000
Energy: 5,500,000
Metal: 5,500,000
Zynthium: 10,000,000
****   Unknown key: hitwalls Value: 0
Build Time: 1d 14h 24s (With Officer 1d 10h 12m 21s)
Damage: 600
Wall Damage: 200%
Range: 72
Weapon slot Type: Surface
Retrofit Lvl:5
Type: Weapon
Accuracy: 70%
Building Damage: 200%
armor: 500



  1. Squirrel confirmed it's a hullstore raid and Trogar said it'll be a 7 day thing.

    1. Hullstore I knew, could you link to the 7-day?

      This is just the preliminary data, as I said obviously there will be more than just the 3 targets as well. As things are updated we will update this post.

    2. Trogar says a week long here:

      So either current files are incorrect (happens from time to time), perhaps because the dev making the files didn't know, or because he was just filling in dates, or possibly the mod is incorrect.

      We'll know more over the next few days.

    3. weresquirrel says 6 days here:

      files still say 4 days. Come on devs/mods get your stories straight :)

    4. so a 6 day hull raid? a b c and elite targets possibly? and what will the ice cap theme mean for fleet speeds etc sounds intresting to me, hope so :)

    5. right now there will be C targets on the map, and campaign style tiers for the rest...

  2. Try 2:

  3. In the tips and tricks they say something about there being a few world map targets at C-tier difficulty that needs to be taken out to get the coordinates of the big targets, and they seem to be like the campaigns in several ways. No prepping for others, no searching for targets and they seem to be in a chronological order of sorts. Maybe that's where you'll find the info on the targets, where the campaign info is. I've never datamined so I don't know about the structure of the code though.

    1. Looking at it now, in anticipation. Currently there have not been changes to the Campaign datafiles.

  4. I remember seeing a teaser that showed underwater mines + text indicating that we need sonar to spot them. Can anyone verify this as true/false??

    1. Robot confirmed this in one of his threads, not sure which off-hand..

    2. I believe it was in tips and tricks. You need weapons that can hit underwater to kill them aswell. No idea if they are moving mines or not though.

    3. There was talk about avoiding the mines, could go either way.. we will see in a few days

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I am reading on other site it will be campaign mode once you kill enough of the c level fleets to get a code to enter but what I am wondering is Will it be timed like the campaigns

    1. I recall seeing a yes there will be a timed piece for it.. As soon as more details are available we will report on it. (Hoping after tomorrow's update)

  7. hey mate,i dont get what is the mean of 10 target :/
    can u explain it to me?

    1. In the past few raids there have been 15 targets reported (21-25, 41-45, and 61-65).

      These do not represent what their final levels will be, but it may indicate there will be 10 targets you have to kill before unlocking the campaign.


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