Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Name calling? Really......

I rarely use the blog for this, but ever now and then you just have to use what you have at your disposal for a public shaming.

So why does failure so often turn into name calling?  Sure used a pinch, after 3 years at this, I'm not an idiot!  Take your lumps, admit you over played your hand and move on.

He lost his dreads in my neighbors base, then specifically asked to go against my stingrays.  He wasn't happy with my sub hunter fleet, so I brought the rays back out.  He hit them, got pinched and then whined about it.  What part of "got to play to win" did he miss?

So for anyone in his alliance, I'm not sure he stacks up to your name.
Cords:  268967,478
Name:  Probie_wan_Kenobi
Alliance:  Total Hardcore Elite [THE]



  1. he actually really doesnt care he just likes to get a reaction from peeps much like this one

  2. Hahahahahahahaha! Cool! I'm on a blog!


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