Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5th August Update & Preliminary Raid Info

In addition to the changes mentioned here: https://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/487706
I'm curious to see how this base guarding change is going to affect things.. 30s is way more than I expected for cooldown for adding a base guard.   This seems way overkill and is on its way to removing external guarding fleets altogether. No idea if it's per person or tied to the base at this point however.

Event Preliminary info:

  • Name: Snowblind
  • Start Date: 8/14/2014
  • Teaser 1: "Through the flames of war, Forsaken leaders have discovered coordinates pointing to the Arctic ice caps. What secret technology is Greta Spader developing in this remote region? Prepare your forces and find out. Snowblind begins 8/14! "
  • Teaser 2: "The recon is over, prepare for the raid, Captain. Infiltrate the coldest reaches and destroy Draconian targets to steal their Arctic technology for your own. The Kodiak hull can be yours. Snowblind begins in 3 days! "
  • Teaser 3: "It's time to strike, Captain. Take your fleets on the offensive and add the armor-bypassing Achilles Missiles to your ships arsenal. Destroy enough Drac bases and decrease your fleets missile reload time with a Savage Kodiak flagship. Snowblind begins tomorrow!"

Bug fixes in data:
-Nighthawk submerged field no longer triggers resonance battery

Bulk Changes:

  • Guard offset added to most worldmap items, including salvage and drac bases... as well as the campaign relays.
Guard Texts:
  • NO GUARD FOR #guardCoolDownTime#

Other Changes:

  • Item: World map Fleets for Arctic theme
    usecoverallquadtree Value: YES (No Idea what this means yet...)
  • Item: Campaign bases for Arctic theme
    Added fieldwidth Value: 7000
    Added fieldheight Value: 4500
    usecoverallquadtree Value: YES (No Idea what this means yet...)
  • Scarab UAV:  Wall damage from 100% to 130%
  • Defense platforms now have a fortification radius.. (hint at turret fortifications??)
  • Weapons lab fortification radius increased the same as defense platform..


  1. Interesting post in the forums. I do, from time to time, show up there, but rarely anymore. I like this persons comment so figured I'd add it here:


    This a fundamental shift in the game and once again the attacker has been given an advantage compared to the defender in Battle pirates.

    I think most of the changes are a good idea, but I also agree with the above poster. If you cannot now put a fleet under your base and remain hidden whilst guarding, the attacking fleet should have the same rule. Click attack base, and the fleet should have to come out to engage your base. Should be a no brainer.


    Seems like a good point, maybe you just get bounced out X spaces from the base, but gives your ship more of a chance to risk getting hit on exit. Granted, just do the whole timer, view map, early click and wait for battle to end and do move right away, but still. Not a bad idea.

  2. Oh and just so this is out there. Squirrel, if we "leak" info on Friday, late afternoon again this upcoming raid, it will be because that is when it fit our schedule to look at the data, not because there are no devs around to let the mods get in touch with over the weekend. Tell the devs to leak the data on the servers earlier in the week or wait until Monday next time :)

    It is always up to them when they put the info out there we gather from. I like getting it earlier rather than later personally! I'm all for putting it out tomorrow with the other updated files!

  3. According to Weresquirrel on the rumor mil thread....

    "Okay, since this thread is nominated as most useless...checked with Robot and it's OK to say this. August will be a hulls store raid."


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