Tuesday, August 26, 2014

26 August Update

Official info: https://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/492613

Updated post:  Added specs for d5-e

Interesting changes this week...  Several things not announced, it will be interesting to see what happens with them..

new stat on items Power Consumed...  no idea what they are planning on doing with this but it is a bit concerning..  Could mean minimum windmills to use items?  or a power "bank" that if you run out your turrets stop working? ... Time will tell.

Most of the new items I mentioned last week are being injected into the forsaken mission this week,  record time from introduction into the files to going live..

NOTE:  Gargoyle does not have ANY detection... so works like a cerb but you need to SEE the subs to kill them

The multiple changes on the turrets are just a glitch of how my script interprets things...  so the changes are actually for all the different versions and condensed onto one line.

  • D5e got text, "Heavy Draconian-grade armor that increases evasion ability in combat."
  • Armored Maurauder text update: "This heavily armored cruiser was developed for new Captains in dangerous waters."
  • Gargoyle text: "Short-range base defense Depth Charge Turret that deals concussive damage to surface and submerged targets."
  • UNRELEASED Gale Defense System(1351) :  text (not in database yet..)  "An advanced anti-mortar defense system that shoots down incoming shells before they strike."

Forsaken Mission New Gear teaser:
Zynthonite Armor D5-E (Info Below)
Assault Missile D53-Z
Magnus Drive
and the Gargoyle Depth Charge - a new Forsaken Turret equipped to devastate invading fleets with concussive damage. Missions will only be available for a limited time so equip your fleets and prepare for battle!

New Campaign incoming??: 
"Start a new campaign and fight in the crosshairs of the Reavers and Draconians. Complete the Mastery round to take home the Limited blueprint for Greta's Nuclear Cruiser! Prepare your fleets for battle and prove your worthiness, Captain."

Item Name: Zynthonite Armor D5-E (draconian)
weight: 489
Oil: 1,705,000
Energy: 3,410,000
Metal: 2,557,000
Zynthium: 5,115,000
Build Time: 1d 22h (With Officer 1d 17h 24m)
armor: 2,250
Evade: 10%

Processing  : blueprints
Item: Halo Missile powerConsumed from( to 1481)
Item: Arc Missile I powerConsumed from( to 674)
Item: Arc Missile II powerConsumed from( to 933)
Item: Arc Missile III powerConsumed from( to 1141)
Item: Brimstone Missile powerConsumed from( to 2011)
Item: Napalm Missile Turret powerConsumed from( to 522)
Item: Coaxial Turret powerConsumed from( to 1941)
Item: Harpoon Turret powerConsumed from( to 2039)
Item: Assault Missile D53-Z assetid from(1114 to 1344) crGroup from( to assault_missiles)
Item: Gargoyle Depth Charge powerConsumed from( to 1483)
Item: Magnus Drive crGroup from( to compound_engine_special) lvl from(3 to 4)
Item: Reaver Meteor Mortar powerConsumed from( to 1409)

Processing  : weapondata
Item: Howitzer Cannon powerConsumed from( to 37) powerConsumed from( to 95) powerConsumed from( to 277) powerConsumed from( to 765)
Item: Sentinel Missiles powerConsumed from( to 83) powerConsumed from( to 168) powerConsumed from( to 336) powerConsumed from( to 651)
Item: Flak Gun powerConsumed from( to 1) powerConsumed from( to 2) powerConsumed from( to 3) powerConsumed from( to 4)
Item: Bombard Rockets powerConsumed from( to 1) powerConsumed from( to 2) powerConsumed from( to 3) powerConsumed from( to 4)
Item: Victory Mortar powerConsumed from( to 85) powerConsumed from( to 199) powerConsumed from( to 488) powerConsumed from( to 957)
Item: Cerberus Rockets powerConsumed from( to 30) powerConsumed from( to 81) powerConsumed from( to 247) powerConsumed from( to 684)


  1. Finally the Greta's NC is coming, been waiting for it, hope I can get it lol

    1. I am waiting for the Armored Maurauder (The deadly Frog) lol

    2. Armored Marauder is only available for new accounts started at Armored games... unfortunately it would be fun to throw out as a flagship..

  2. Please tell me they aren't going the war commander power route. D5-E sounds interesting.

    1. Stats for the d5-e and other items are in the update post from last week.

    2. My appologies I thought I had stats for it posted last week... Updated the post with the information.

  3. Do you guys still have a copy/dump of the previous build? if so, can you post up the Jugg X R5 retrofit data/strings, would like to know if the 60% radioactive defense text really is a typo or if kixeye is lying to the playerbase

    1. It was a typo from what I can see... it was released to the datafiles as 40%

      Next time I publish retro info I will include the upgraded stats...

    2. Good to know, and thank you for double checking for us, will put alot of minds at ease

    3. No problem, I do agree that "Fixing" stats like this is kind of stupid.. once the cat's out of the bag . ..

      They decided to keep the new 92 stats whichever weapon that was... hopefully they do the same here..

      Funny thing is if they would have let the text remain nobody would have noticed....

  4. the name D5-E is already in use with the compound armour D5-E

    i guess it will have to be renamed?

    1. Zynthonite Armor D5-E
      Compound Armor D5-E

      They may keep it.... is is confusing but like the SS and the SS ... if you mix them up your not paying attention

  5. Can you provide the IDs of the new items? IE: Magnus Drive, Armored Marauder, etc

    Thanks :)

    1. Zynthonite D5-E(id#3344 assetid 3343)
      Armored Maurauder (ID# 2033)
      Magnus Drive (ID#3621)
      Gargoyle Depth Charge (ID#1352)
      d53-z (id# 1344)


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