Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dragon's Nest 2 - Part 3

More last minute updates.....  (and yes the MCX still shows as a prize in what I can see!)

Military Outposts (guessing based on short name) Levels:
  • 4
  • 8
  • 12
  • 16
  • 20
  • 25
  • 31
  • 37
  • 45
  • 55
  • 65
So probably nothing really new there except perhaps the 65's now, since never seen those floating around during missions or anything so far.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dragon's Nest 2 - Prizes

Cool, I figured out how to tell what the prizes are this week!

I know pics are already floating around from the preview server, and I verified my results a bit off of what I saw there to make sure I had what I thought I did....

Frigate 100,000
BB-A 200,000
Destroyer 200,000
DestroyerX 400,000
Levi-A 750,000
LCX 750,000
FF-A 2,000,000
BCX 3,500,000
Super Fortress 4,000,000
BS 4,000,000
D35Z 5,000,000
Barracuda 5,000,000
Juggernaught 5,000,000
Mercury 5,500,000
Goliath 6,000,000
SC 6,000,000
Interdictor 6,000,000
Dread 6,000,000
Triton 6,500,000
DreadX 7,500,000
StrikeX 8,000,000
Thresher 8,500,000
MCX 12,000,000

Updated:  Screwed up on converting a number to a name..... Frigate, not Drone for the cheap one.  Hey I'm tired!

Guess I finally have a shot at a Dread or a DreadX and/or a Barracuda (took the mercury last time around).  For those that have been wanting the Toilets to come back, here you go, come get it and stop whining!  :)

Note:  According to forum posts by MagaicSarap the MCX is not to be offered (and it isn't on the official picture list).  Possible they have changed the file since I read it, it will be a last minute add, or they are just screwing with me :)   All I can do is post what I see in what they send to us all......

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reputation Points

I'll admit, I haven't played with these at all yet and I don't have the fleets to verify this info, but based on v5 of the file here is the current breakdown of reputation points.

Drac Bases:
600 - Sub-Sector Base (overall base?)
100 - Drac Base Command
70 - Drac Fleet Command
50 - Nemesis Drac Base Defense Fleet (Atlas - still "atlas" in underlying files!!!)
40 - Hab Blocks 1-4
20 - Sub-Sector Base Defense Outpost (Artillery pieces?)
20 - Underground Storage
10 - Producers (Energy/Metal/Zyn/Oil)
10 - Drac Def Platform (individual turrets?)
10 - Interior Drac Base Defense Fleet (Juggs, Dreadx)
5 - Drac Quad Def Platform
5 - Perimeter Drac Base Def Fleet (SC, MC, Inter, BC, Torp Platform)

Fleets on the water:
5 - Salvage (up to 10  levels below you up to lvl 35 for the player??)
10 - Elite Salvage (up to 10 levels below you up to lvl 60 for the player, then 50 and above after that??)

Think that means a level 35 can hit a normal salvage of 25 or above for 5 points.

A level 59 can hit an elite salvage of 49+ and get points, but after lvl 60 you can only hit elites 50+.

Looks like someone else has produced a nice picture version of info.  This showed up on my alliance page as I was in the process of posting this!  Only real difference is I break down the Interior vs Perimeter Def Fleet points, but they have a great pic of it all and resources you get!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dragon's Nest 2

Ok, the next raid (July 25th if they hold to info) looks like it will be Dragon's Nest 2.

Spader is the enemy again.
Past raid hulls look like they'll be made available. (no i have no idea which ones)
Strike Cruiser X one of the top prizes.

Strike Cruiser X
Desc - increased def and enhanced ballistic weaponary
Size - large (to match original SC)
Weapons - 6 (to match original SC)

Indications from file (see comments below, most likely inaccurate)
Size - xlarge (same as dread x)
Weapons - 8 (while I only see 6, I assume 2 can be underwater)

Top View:

Side View:

Hull Note:  I could have sworn the 4000's were Enemy stuff in the past.....  and we got the 1000 versions of these..... things that make you go hmmm, maybe kixeye started changing things awhile ago.  I stopped watching some of those.

Siege Cannon D35Z

Friday, July 12, 2013

Drac bases....

haha, between the time I hit publish and the time I got back into the game, the shields had dropped and it looks like I can now attack drac bases.

Only took 2 years to be able to do it!  Cool, something new to entertain me.

Ok, what we've noticed from our sector, probably lots of this on the forums, but I rarely go there:

1.  Take out the outside defense platforms first, or have had people attack it to where the artillery is disabled.
2.  Attack Drac Outpost after platforms are disabled, if you attack prior then you'll take inbound artillery which tore up the fleet I watched in there.
3.  After the defense platforms have been attacked (and I assume all fleets inside are killed) they go into disabled state and repair mode so you can't hit them again for a certain amount of repair time.  During that time there was no inbound artillery on the fleets hitting the drac outpost.

All these are early findings, subject to change and full of inaccuracies or the possibility there of.

Quick update

Drac bases coming soon?

Comments changing from "under construction" to just "drac base"

Granted after years of saying "coming soon" who knows if this is a change for the near future or just prep for another month or 18 out.

Other than that, nothing new I noticed as of today.

Typically see stuff on Thursday/Friday....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/2/2013 update, pre mini event 12 prep

Ok, first to everything you already know if you logged on.

Wall 5 is now released.  Damn talk about needing a lot of Zyn, or for you coiners that keep kixeye in business, thank you!

Locator replaces bookmark option.  Looks like we now at least have the following options (or will I haven't looked in game much yet):
  • Alliance
  • Sector Targets
  • Non Sector Targets
  • Recent Attackers

Now on to the stuff everyone cares about.....  New Weapons, Armors, Specials and Drac stuff

I assume these will show up in event 12-14.

  • Stackable Speed Upgrade
  • D2-M - Light drac armor for decreasing missile damage
  • D3-X - Med drac armor decres mortar and rocket damage 
  •  Shredder 1-3 - Modified Rippers, less accuracy but more range

Drac OP
  • Weapons 4
  • Torpedos 2??

Other (really early??)
  • Anti Mortar Accuracy
  • Anti Missile Range
  • Anti Missile Accuracy