Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dragon's Nest 2 - Prizes

Cool, I figured out how to tell what the prizes are this week!

I know pics are already floating around from the preview server, and I verified my results a bit off of what I saw there to make sure I had what I thought I did....

Frigate 100,000
BB-A 200,000
Destroyer 200,000
DestroyerX 400,000
Levi-A 750,000
LCX 750,000
FF-A 2,000,000
BCX 3,500,000
Super Fortress 4,000,000
BS 4,000,000
D35Z 5,000,000
Barracuda 5,000,000
Juggernaught 5,000,000
Mercury 5,500,000
Goliath 6,000,000
SC 6,000,000
Interdictor 6,000,000
Dread 6,000,000
Triton 6,500,000
DreadX 7,500,000
StrikeX 8,000,000
Thresher 8,500,000
MCX 12,000,000

Updated:  Screwed up on converting a number to a name..... Frigate, not Drone for the cheap one.  Hey I'm tired!

Guess I finally have a shot at a Dread or a DreadX and/or a Barracuda (took the mercury last time around).  For those that have been wanting the Toilets to come back, here you go, come get it and stop whining!  :)

Note:  According to forum posts by MagaicSarap the MCX is not to be offered (and it isn't on the official picture list).  Possible they have changed the file since I read it, it will be a last minute add, or they are just screwing with me :)   All I can do is post what I see in what they send to us all......


  1. so mcx will be in this raid? I as because in the pic sarap posted on the forum, It says that the mcx won't be offered.

    1. I can only tell you what is in the files that they send out to everyone. Based on the pics of what others are showing from the preview server it is NOT listed, BUT based on what is pushed in the files it is (at least as of last night when I posted this).

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