Friday, July 12, 2013

Drac bases....

haha, between the time I hit publish and the time I got back into the game, the shields had dropped and it looks like I can now attack drac bases.

Only took 2 years to be able to do it!  Cool, something new to entertain me.

Ok, what we've noticed from our sector, probably lots of this on the forums, but I rarely go there:

1.  Take out the outside defense platforms first, or have had people attack it to where the artillery is disabled.
2.  Attack Drac Outpost after platforms are disabled, if you attack prior then you'll take inbound artillery which tore up the fleet I watched in there.
3.  After the defense platforms have been attacked (and I assume all fleets inside are killed) they go into disabled state and repair mode so you can't hit them again for a certain amount of repair time.  During that time there was no inbound artillery on the fleets hitting the drac outpost.

All these are early findings, subject to change and full of inaccuracies or the possibility there of.


  1. Rumors are flying that the July 2013 raid will be similar to the "select a hull" raid offered in December of 2012. Do you see any truth to this?

  2. Nothing in what I can see indicates what the raids will be like. I can only see new things that they have added to the mix. Will check again Thursday for anything new.

  3. Please use your crystal ball. Maybe you can see more details for h_4072 and w_1297

    1. haha, ok I'll try to go digging later tonight and provide more details on both if there are any to be had.

    2. i have seen pics of 2 of the raid prizes for dragons nest 2... strike-cruiser X and new siege cannon d35-z :)

    3. Yep, beat me to the post on this by about an hour! Work gets in the way of fun some days!

    4. See post on Dragon's Nest 2 for those added details Holger


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