Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reputation Points

I'll admit, I haven't played with these at all yet and I don't have the fleets to verify this info, but based on v5 of the file here is the current breakdown of reputation points.

Drac Bases:
600 - Sub-Sector Base (overall base?)
100 - Drac Base Command
70 - Drac Fleet Command
50 - Nemesis Drac Base Defense Fleet (Atlas - still "atlas" in underlying files!!!)
40 - Hab Blocks 1-4
20 - Sub-Sector Base Defense Outpost (Artillery pieces?)
20 - Underground Storage
10 - Producers (Energy/Metal/Zyn/Oil)
10 - Drac Def Platform (individual turrets?)
10 - Interior Drac Base Defense Fleet (Juggs, Dreadx)
5 - Drac Quad Def Platform
5 - Perimeter Drac Base Def Fleet (SC, MC, Inter, BC, Torp Platform)

Fleets on the water:
5 - Salvage (up to 10  levels below you up to lvl 35 for the player??)
10 - Elite Salvage (up to 10 levels below you up to lvl 60 for the player, then 50 and above after that??)

Think that means a level 35 can hit a normal salvage of 25 or above for 5 points.

A level 59 can hit an elite salvage of 49+ and get points, but after lvl 60 you can only hit elites 50+.

Looks like someone else has produced a nice picture version of info.  This showed up on my alliance page as I was in the process of posting this!  Only real difference is I break down the Interior vs Perimeter Def Fleet points, but they have a great pic of it all and resources you get!


  1. As said before, thanks for all you do in your spare time. I find myself checking this page multiple times a day (or night) to read your new posts or even just the comments on your posts. Very informative and much appreciated.

    1. Thanks! and thanks to everyone else that has said it. I'm glad others find it useful.


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