Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/2/2013 update, pre mini event 12 prep

Ok, first to everything you already know if you logged on.

Wall 5 is now released.  Damn talk about needing a lot of Zyn, or for you coiners that keep kixeye in business, thank you!

Locator replaces bookmark option.  Looks like we now at least have the following options (or will I haven't looked in game much yet):
  • Alliance
  • Sector Targets
  • Non Sector Targets
  • Recent Attackers

Now on to the stuff everyone cares about.....  New Weapons, Armors, Specials and Drac stuff

I assume these will show up in event 12-14.

  • Stackable Speed Upgrade
  • D2-M - Light drac armor for decreasing missile damage
  • D3-X - Med drac armor decres mortar and rocket damage 
  •  Shredder 1-3 - Modified Rippers, less accuracy but more range

Drac OP
  • Weapons 4
  • Torpedos 2??

Other (really early??)
  • Anti Mortar Accuracy
  • Anti Missile Range
  • Anti Missile Accuracy


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  2. Does anyone know how much Zynth is needed to upgrade from L.4 to L.5 for all your walls? I think I read around 714 million zynth, but I might be off on that.

    1. 740 mil zyn I think someone said on my alliance chat yesterday.

  3. Other (really early??)
    Anti Mortar Accuracy
    Anti Missile Range
    Anti Missile Accuracy

    Isn't that what the countermeasures are for, from the last raid?

    Also: Sorry about any double posts that are showing up. Not sure why they're doing that. Just delete them, if you see them.

    Also #2: Thank you, xnih, for your information. I find this page to be very beneficial, and I appreciate your work. I hope you and I can battle together if we meet. It would be an honor.

    1. It could be, I just saw them added in a weird new location with only that info. Didn't dig into it to figure out why/what they were. And I haven't even looked at what I won last raid yet!

    2. hey xnih anything new? Been awhile since last update.


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