Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dragon's Nest 2

Ok, the next raid (July 25th if they hold to info) looks like it will be Dragon's Nest 2.

Spader is the enemy again.
Past raid hulls look like they'll be made available. (no i have no idea which ones)
Strike Cruiser X one of the top prizes.

Strike Cruiser X
Desc - increased def and enhanced ballistic weaponary
Size - large (to match original SC)
Weapons - 6 (to match original SC)

Indications from file (see comments below, most likely inaccurate)
Size - xlarge (same as dread x)
Weapons - 8 (while I only see 6, I assume 2 can be underwater)

Top View:

Side View:

Hull Note:  I could have sworn the 4000's were Enemy stuff in the past.....  and we got the 1000 versions of these..... things that make you go hmmm, maybe kixeye started changing things awhile ago.  I stopped watching some of those.

Siege Cannon D35Z


  1. The BPOutpost Facebook page has a pic of the D35Z for those that really want to see it, but I didn't find the pic on public kixeye servers, so didn't add it myself.

  2. Nicely done Mr. Xnih, thank you for your outstanding work.

  3. thank you very much and I'm very excited t get my hands on this hull

  4. Do you know what tier 4 prize is?

    1. I'm not sure it is going to be tier 1-5 this time since they are supposedly giving you the ability to get old stuff again. Assuming it is like Christmas's Raid last year (?) then you just get points to redeem. I haven't been following forums at all. More info may be there on the format.

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  6. It looks like a purchase type raid.
    6.000.000 points for the siege cannon and
    7.000.000 points for the strike cruiser x.

    Regarding the Strike Cruiser X:
    I believe the scx will shrink to large size with 6 weapons.
    (kix just copied the stats from the last drac hull - DNX)

    1. It is quite possible you are correct. Looking at all of the other normal to X ones none of the others change size or # of weapons.

      The SC was only large in size, not x-large, and it only had 6 weapons, not 8. So it could just be some bad initial "code" showing right now.

      I'll expect that json file to get updated some time this week then (25th probably!).

      Thanks for making me look that up, i'll update the original post as it is unlikely that what I have is accurate based on how it has been on all other "X" fleets.

  7. 4000-series hulls are Drac hulls, usable by players
    1000-series hulls are the same Drac hulls, usable by NPC's
    (and 2000-series are Forsaken reward hulls)

    We have new spritesheets for the 4067, but not the 1067, which makes me think that this new hull is player-only for now.

    1. bugger it all for lack of an edit button - I meant we have 4072, not 4067...

    2. Yeah and 1500 are the ones we get to hit in raids and missions. (and it looks like 3000's may be too if I didn't hose something up in one of my files)

      Not sure why I was thinking it was reversed on the 1000 and 4000 series, but looking back over things it looks like you are correct.


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