Monday, January 20, 2014

Unknown weapons used by Drac and Reaver fleets

This is mostly for myself, but here is a list of fleets that have ships in them that are utilizing weapons that I have no info on.  I'm ignoring Uknown-Sonar-1 since it is one that we've been able to ID as Sonar and half the fleets we fight have it on them even if it isn't actually listed in the config files:

  • weapon: 1004
  • weapon: 1462, 1463
  • special: 5610, 5611, 5612
  • weapons:  5514, 5515, 5516, 5517

5514 - 5517: VM4, Sent V, Javelin, and Cerberus IV
Based icons one thought is (but doesn't seem to be right):
  • 5514 - Siege Rockets D95-W
  • 5515 - Siege Mortar D75-V
  • 5516 - Siege Missile D55-F
  • 5517 - Siege Cannon D35-Z

    1. the event briefing is up any chance you can pull the stats Xnih?

      1. I've never been able to pull stats, so no. Though I'll look to see if any other files were updated.


        For your information.

      3. ok glad the brief is up now will be good to know exactly what is up thanks for keeping un informed xnih

      4. oh and also found this on the page more stupid stuff

        Adding a clarification to a good question that came up.

        "Clarification needed on the briefing. Robot please confirm.

        It looks as though for Tier 1,2 and 4 you only need the points required for a particular prize listed.
        For Tier 3 & 5 you must complete specific sets a number of times in addition to the points required for a prize.

        Tier 3: Complete Set B twice to claim a prize in this tier!

        Tier 5: Complete Set A four times to claim a prize in this tier!"

        These are just suggested steps you could do to claim a prize in those tiers. You'll be able to score points via hitting targets and completing which ever sets you choose, but if you complete set B twice you'll have enough points to claim a prize in Tier 3.

        so not sure if he means get them that many times it will be easier or you have to to get those tiers

      5. If you read the next post CM Robot made ,He states That you don't need to complete them a certain amount of times ,That is informing you IF you did B 2 times it would give you the points for something in tier c or set a 4 times will get you a item form tier 5 ,Not you have to complete in order to get them.

      6. 1462 and 1463 are probably the explosive/spalsh missiles the nemesis uses; it seems to have 3 banks of weapons: assault missiles, explosive missiles that aren't available to us, and assault S rockets. While the protonem has the ability to make -all- missiles do splash damage damage, from observation that ability is tied to the weapon in the regular nemesis. Kixeye hasn't released it as a raid prize (yet) because it would likely unbalance many aspects of the game.

      7. Yeah, one of them is the long range missiles that it launches (think there are 3x 1463's and 2x 1462's). I was going to dig into that a little more, but ran out of time yesterday. Maybe later this week. Wanted to look at the projectiles piece so I could get a better idea what each was.

      8. @Kylara, I posted what those IDs are exactly... down to the stats :)

    2. good info , thanks for sharing xnih , this is admin M from bpoutpost

    3. anything new since the update earlier today?

      1. Nope, there wasn't 3 hrs ago at least. No config files had been updated, but some picture files were now up, but since the vindicator and brimstone pics were already out there, wasn't too worried about getting anything posted.

    4. Here's some help so you can fill in some blanks, xnih:

      Nemesis weapon ID (1462): Atlas Missile II {Damage: 100, Salvo: 2, Splash: 10, Reload: 7, Range: 30-88}
      Nemesis weapon ID (1463): Atlas Missile III {Damage: 500, Salvo: 3, Splash: 22, Reload: 7, Range: 30-88}
      Reaver Special ID (5610): Hulk Core {Stun Reduction: 20%, Death-Explosion Damage: 3,500}
      Reaver Special ID (5611): Mothership Core {Stun Reduction: 40%, Death-Explosive Damage: 4,000}
      Reaver Special ID (5612): Meteor Drone Core {Death-Explosive Damage: 150}

      Reaver weapon ID (5514): Drac Hulk Rocket {Damage: 203, Salvo: 1, Splash: 24, Reload: 1, Range: 72, Spread: 16, Radioactive Damage: 35%(71) }
      Reaver weapon ID (5515): Drac Hulk Mortar {Damage: 450, Salvo: 8, Splash: 30, Reload: 9 (and 0.2 between eat salvo), Range: 52-160, Spread: 18, Hits Submerged: true, Radioactive Damage: 35%(157.5) }
      Reaver weapon ID (5516): Hulk Vulture Missile {Damage: 270, Salvo: 1, Reload: 4.5, Accuracy: 100%, Range: 75, Critical Hit Threshold: 50%, Critical Damage: 50%(405), Explosive Damage: 25%(67.5), Radioactive Damage: 35%(94.5) }
      Reaver weapon ID (5517): Hulk Javelin {Damage: 360, Salvo: 1, Reload: 12, Accuracy: 100%, Range: 82-249, Radioactive Damage: 35%(126) }

      So, I guess when people called the hulk "floating islands", it really is true, since they use version of base turrets as weapons lol.

      1. Made a typo, Hulk Javelin max range is 149, not 249. Vulture Missile Critical Damage is 135, (I did total damage between initial and bonus).

      2. This is great info for a numbers geek like me. Thx for posting.


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