Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 21 2014 update

Prize Redemption comments:

  • Click a prize on the left for details on redemption. Use the tabs to view different tiers of prize. You may redeem two prizes per tier. Destroy enough Reaver targets to earn the Brimstone Missile and Vindicator Hull!  Watch the video below or click 'Event Details' for the full briefing on Trial by Fire.
  • You have reached max limit of the number of blueprints you have for this ship
I assume "ship" should be "tier" above, but I just post it, I don't write the config files!  But it may not be tied with the first one either.

Things we basically knew about already:

  • Vindicator - A Forsaken assault ship, designed with defenses against radioactive damage to combat against the Reavers' unstable energy technology. Its advanced cannon mounts allow it to fire ballistic weaponry from longer range and with improved reload.
  • Brimstone Missile - Long-range base defense missile that will blanket an area with radioactive boosted warheads on impact, causing any ship it destroys to explode and damage its comrades. Note:  Ships destroyed will detonate. (Drones Excluded)

New things (may be in the raid, more likely for Forsaken Missions next week):

  • Weapon:  Assault Disruptor - No Desc yet
  • Weapon:  Crossbow 1, 2 and 3 - Ranged ballistic cannon that hurls heavy shells with high-speed electromagnetic rails after a moment of stationary time to calibrate.

New things (probably to face in the raid) - no idea how they different from original:

  • Reaver Scout 2
  • Reaver Hulk 2
New Stuff for either the next Mission or sometime in the future:
  • 3 new specials, ID 3612-3614, no pics or names yet
  • Upcoming Hull - current name, Baby Stringray, no pics when I looked yet.
Once the raid is underway and I get time, I'll publish fleet break down like always.



  1. I will see if those unknown IDs are available to me later today

  2. Thanks as always for your hard work.

  3. Thank you Buddy - Very good Info - MUCH MUCH MUCH Appreciated.

  4. Can you tell if the crossbow is a ship weapon or just the "arc missile" of the javelin?

    1. not that I recall, but I can dig more later and probably find out. As it won't be released this weekend, it will probably be in a new post down the road (I'm assuming it isn't being released this weekend at least)

  5. Assault disruptor maybe


    1. yes it is , they are going to release it soon , am guessing along with the crospow canon simular to javs with three levels 1.2.3

  6. Thanks for all your work. When do you think you will have the breakdown up for the different tiers?

    1. Raid doesn't start for another 4.5 hrs in the sector I'm in and I have late meetings tonight for week, so 8PM MST at the earliest.


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