Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retrofit Labs

Only weapons were added today and yes it took me by surprise as there was no leaks in the files that I saw on this before today.  Yes as pointed out forums have been speculating this for awhile, sorry don't spend much time there.

Anyway, here is what I can tell you right now on what was added and what the config files show for future additions.  I won't have enough rep points in my lifetime to do most of these and still working on hulls anyway, but here is the list....

  • Impact Cannons
  • Assault Cannons
  • Siege Cannons
  • Strike Missiles
  • Assault Missiles
  • Siege Missiles
  • Shockwave Mortars
  • Assault Mortars
  • Siege Mortars
  • Firestorm Rockets
  • Assault Rockets
  • Siege Rockets
  • Countermeasure Weapons
  • Vortex Torpedoes
  • Assault Torpedoes
  • Siege Torpedoes
  • Depth Charges
Armor (future)
  • Ballistic Defense Armor
  • Penetrative Defense Armor
  • Explosive Defense Armor
  • Compound Defense Armor
  • Streamlined Armor
  • Echo Armor
  • Stealth Armor
  • Lightweight Armor
  • Ballistic Plate Armor
  • Penetrative Plate Armor
  • Explosive Plate Armor
Specials/Advanced (future):
  • Engine Systems
  • Ballistic Systems
  • Missile Systems
  • Explosive Systems
  • Concussive Systems
  • Stealth Systems
  • Maneuverability Systems
  • Defense Systems
  • Compound Defense Systems
  • Shipping Systems
  • Anti-Sub Systems
  • Countermeasure Systems
  • Siege Systems
  • Shielded Systems


  1. Any idea about any potential future changes in rep costs, or changes in rep acquisition? Obviously virtually no one is going to do it at current costs matched with the benefits.

    1. No, no insight, but my personal guess is it won't change. It isn't designed for the low levels and it is a way for kixeye to make some funding by people buying it outright. Game works fine without doing them and I know I still have a ton of hulls to do, not interested in weapons or armor or specials anytime in the near future. But that is all just my own take on it.

    2. Hey Xnih if you haven't seen this I think you might like the pictures for the R5 Interdictor and Strike Cruiser they look amazing.


    3. Thanks, nothing in config files on those yet and graphic files aren't uploaded in the "proper" location yet, but they look nice. Wouldn't mind refiting my SC's, haven't ever built inters yet tho!

    4. Looks like we may have it confirmed: Info from forums posted by CM ROBOT:
      "Heres what I can confirm.
      The Strike Cruiser and Interdictor will be
      available to pick up if you missed them
      in December. A brand new ship based
      weapon type will be available in this
      months raid.
      And finally, the Reaver war machine has
      been hard at work, and a new type of
      Enforcer has been spotted on the high

      If so...looks like I may finally have a hull to put my inferno rockets on...granted I'm still working on R5 MCx, so gonna be a while for R5 SC...possibly longer than it'll take to get hells anyway.

    5. Looks like they are getting info prepped in the files more for the other 2 Retrofit types.


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