Thursday, January 2, 2014

Next Raid

If they keep tot he normal schedule the next raid would be starting 1/9/2014, but no notice out yet.  Are we getting an extra week or two in here due to the 2 holiday in the last few weeks?


  1. I'm hoping they hold off until at least the 16th, it'll give me a chance to build another stingray lol

    1. my next one won't quite be done by then I don't think, but basically thinking/wishing the same thing!

    2. Same i hope it's not till the 16th too

    3. i belive there was a post somewhere that the next raid will be held on the 16th so it should be then that the next raid starts

    4. Yes, like to first start 16th. jan too

    5. Nope, so at this point I'm assuming 23rd. Maybe they finally listened to all those whining ppl about too many raids back to back to back.

    6. lol they wish they just spacing a few out so we do not have more than 1 in a month


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