Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retrofit weapons... didn't see that coming!

Ok, maybe more at lunch today, but just wanted to say to Kixeye, nice job on surprising me!  No leaks or hints about this in the config files.  First time I've been truly surprised logging in in awhile!


  1. You're surprised they added retrofits, which Robot has been talking about for weeks, or that it was today, which pretty much everyone had guessed that already?

    1. I rarely read the forums, so yes I was surprised in that there was no early leaked info in the config files.

    2. and don't get me wrong, I'm not surprised they did it at all, just that I didn't see it a few days in advance.

  2. The info for them was likely put in last night as a database update, so unless you wnet looking for it between 2:15 AM EST and 12 PM EST you wouldn't have seen it. Besides, if the rep point cost had gotten out before they had even gone in the uproar would have been worse and kixeye would likely have had to change it; they needed to sneak this in so they could try to take a stronger position on leaving them as they are.


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