Monday, April 20, 2015

Retirement after being banned?

To start with, it's been a fun time over the past 4+ years, most of that time providing you, or my ally buddies back in the day info like what is found here in the blog, but for those that don't know, Kixeye recently banned me.  I've now had 2 weeks where I'm battle pirates free, and I'm not sure that it has hurt my feelings one bit!

While I've always known getting banned was a possibility, it did come as a bit of a shock as I wasn't doing anything I haven't been doing for the past 4 years. (Ok, maybe I was thumbing my nose at them a little more than usual, but you can see that below)

Getting the form letter probably hurt the worst, I really only wanted to know what I'd done that finally crossed the line and with the parting shot of basically don't bother emailing us again as we won't answer....  well, anyway here it is again in all its glory:
Thank you for writing in about your suspended account.
We determined that you have been cheating and have permanently suspended your account. I have reviewed the reasons for your suspension and verified they are accurate and definitive. We do not tolerate cheating of any kind in Battle Pirates. This is detailed in our Terms of Service, which you agreed to when you installed the game. Note that you are responsible for account security; it is still considered cheating if someone else gains access to your account and cheats on it. If you wish to review our Terms of Service you can do so at the following address:
Because your account will remain suspended, Customer Support will no longer respond to support tickets from this account.

I was, as always poking around to see what I could see in the game, tweaking a value here, tweaking a value there, to see how well something may be protected, so again being banned wasn't a huge surprise, but my best guess is it had nothing to do with that, but had more to do that I peeked a few mods bases, posted their base cords and then posted their fleet builds that hit my base.  Maybe some day I'll post how I pull all that info too (and it isn't by hacking!).  I didn't post their base builds, I only pasted the builds of the fleets that hit my base, which honestly anyone can do if they know how, but I digress (as I tend to do when I'm not just writing technical stuff).

For those that want a picture of my banning you can find it here and/or discuss this.

Last I'd heard it wasn't on the banhammer page yet, not sure if people didn't know my in game name, or just were being nice to me, but I've been gone for the last week, so may have shown up there by now.

I've been offered a decent level base by a buddy, who knows I may take him up on that offer or I may retire, I honestly haven't decided yet.  For now, Nuke will continue to feed "unofficial" info to the masses (and lets be honest, he's been holding up this partnership for most of the time since he came along and took this all to a whole new level).

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