Sunday, April 5, 2015

Interesting data we've found in the past few months and started tracking

So we've had some nice interactive threads and more conversations going on in the chat box these past few months.  FYI, if you don't sign up for an account and don't log on, you won't see the chat box.

I've started 2 main threads for oddities we've noticed.
1.  Blueprints that are misdisplayed in game.  Kimmy provided a very valid reason for why it most likely is, but with that being said, found some inconsistencies on places he thinks should also be misreporting, but aren't.  There are over 18 blueprints that do not display correctly in game.  Most are weight related.  BP may say it is +14%, but in actuality it is +15%.

This can be found here:

2. Another thread that was started, but hasn't gone too far of yet is a more positive one on blueprints that have added bonuses on them that kix hasn't told you about.  The v2-c is one of those blueprints.

The main thread on this can be found here:

Kimmy went to the trouble to verify these stats are actually accurate and we really are getting something "free" that we were aware of.

Now if only I would have built it as a D92 fleet instead of missile!

There are a number of other BP threads, conversations, etc going on.  Drop by, sign up for an account and hang out in chat if nothing else.

If there are things you want tested ask, perhaps someone will take up the challenge and give you an answer based on what we can see!

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