Monday, February 23, 2015

New stuff...

  • Reaver tech dump!
  • New REAVER UAV's  (In March Forsaken Missions)
  • New hull for UAV's 
  • New Rogue crew for UAVs (seeing a trend here?? )  From Rogue crew Campaign
  • a couple unknown hulls,  in the same range as other "limited" hulls id wise.
Forsaken mission update:

A new Forsaken Mission is available! Destroy enough Draconian targets within the time limit to earn limited edition Hulls, Armor, and Weapon Blueprints.  NEW BLUEPRINTS AVAILABLE:  Earthshaker Cannons, Eruption Pyre, and Nuclear Accelerators - a new Reaver system to extend cannon range with accuracy bonuses. Missions will only be available for a limited time so equip your fleets and prepare for battle!

An incendiary UAV built by the Reavers.  The Draconians and Forsaken still aren't sure how the thing manages to fly.

 A Reaver siege cannon that uses a combination of seismic and incendiary shells to wreak mayhem on their targets.

Unknown hull ... .

A Reaver system that hurls cannon munitions at dangerously high speeds, usually in the proper direction.

An ignition system built by the Reavers that boosts splash and reload on their mortar turrets.

Advanced carrier prototype with special UAV enhancement abilities and a special electronics jamming suite that boosts evasion against indirect fire.

Unknown hull

New Rogue Crew "Death From Above"
Bonus to UAV chaining rainge & Critical Hit Chance


  1. The "Unknown Hull" is image for Vindicator once R10.

    1. It is uncannily similar to the Vindicator, and does follow the same color scheme of the R10 Merc/Ray. I am curious now for it. Still, it makes you think about their, "We're only doing 10, so don't expect any more anytime soon." Which if the Vind R10 really is around the corner then their speel was merely code for (unsurprisingly), "We're going to milk you for these few, and then once you're done we'll release more and milk you for them, too! HAHAHA!"

      Oh well, hopefully this only means that my Spec R10 is right around the corner, too, and with a third special! :)

    2. One can only hope and pray - since they keep f*cking me out of the Magnus Drive...!!!

    3. They never said they wouldn't release more hulls to R10.

    4. Neither hull is R10 of anything.. they are unique ID #'s so new prizes.

  2. looks like kixeye getting ready to shuv their dicks up our asses again,better get your loob ready boys

  3. game is getting so out of control and is this what they are trying to save a dieing game

  4. Warbird Carrier. :3 It was mentioned in the 17th update.

  5. A new Forsaken Mission is available!

  6. If its as hard a last raid i dont give a shit what the prizes are

  7. The game is DYING!!!! glitcheye is just milking the few whales left, before they wake up & "STOP COINING" so glitcheye has to listen!!!!

  8. If you have Harlocks dont bother with the new carrier, it is trash.

  9. plus its the arena, not a raid- now we have TWO raids a month.


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