Sunday, February 8, 2015

Alliance Wars (or how kixeye can rake your over for more $$)


This may be old info that just surfaced again due to an issue with the parser....

If you would like to discuss this further, please go to the forums.  We will not respond to posts on the blog.

No idea if/when this will show up ...

Alliance Wars:

Prelim info... subject to change (as always)

Earn Medals to help your Alliance shoot up the Leaderboard. The top 3 Alliances in each World will win Gold, divided equally between their members. Best of luck, Captain!

Prizes (to be split among all ally members):

  • 1st 10,000 gold +badge
  • 2nd 7,5000 gold  (Guessing they mean 7,500 .. but this is what is showing for now)
  • 3rd  5,000 gold


  1. i have just dropped my tag bring on the alliance wars they getting zilch for hitting me

  2. To bad it will cost way more gold than they will win


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