Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Long ride home? There's a glitch for that

Something that has recently been making the rounds...    Many people have been complaining about their ships taking the "long ride home" and skipping relay towers...

Well apparently this whole time it has been a glitch caused by some obnoxious players,  and has been making the rounds and becoming more widespread. 

Lets raise awareness for this and push Kixeye to fix it!


  1. thank you for sharing at least I know now why this happened only fighting the Astig alliance.

  2. Note: We did not create the video and we can not verify groups listed in it. We are just providing the info about the problem.

    1. Offending group in this example is STR (Strike) I got my own PM's to verify that. Same story as this example pretty much.

  3. there is a glitch when going back ur hYahaease on really tower.when the radar screen appear after that u neehonud to wait for too long or after the refreshing u ll be able to see the home base. Fix it kixeye plz .

  4. Pappy from STR, definitally one of the biggest douches on BP (If not the biggest ). Did the same to many while taunting about the long trips, scenic routes etc. Using PNH at relays. Him and other team members.

    They then glitch their fleets and hit bases while multiple fleets are on a 12 hour detour unable to defend. Definitely don't deserver their alli in the world rankings as we all know how they got it. Not hard that way.

    Kix comments when reported? If we can film him doing that with his PNH's... Really kixeye? Was that supposed to be funny?


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