Monday, January 5, 2015

Bored, so for a little laugh....

In the not so distant future, after the sun heats up, the vast oceans of our water world start to dry up, leaving small puddles behind.

The whales find themselves beached and no longer provide large amounts of coin.

I bring you battle pirates, desert world!


  1. Replies
    1. don't give them any ideas...

    2. It will be a new item that you have to win during a raid, maybe top prize, and its a 365 day refit to any hull and thats just to put 1 wheel on. Most larger hulls will require at least 8 for it to move.

  2. tracks will be fitted to ships in order for them to will have to refit them though

    1. That is so not kixeye, where is the gold.
      How about the more wheels u put on the faster u move on the map? So no wheels means it takes u half an 5 mins to travel a 1 min distance. Each wheel reduces time by 30 Sec upto 1 min and then u must get 200k uranium for nitro boosts each nitro boost double the speed for 30 seconds but requires a cooldown which can be reset using 500 uranium or 100 uranium + 2 gold.
      Now this is how Kixeye would do it in my humble opinion.
      See the way kixeye does it is set u back a few paces and then give you some path back to where u started from and then some.


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