Tuesday, July 29, 2014

29 July Update

3 New items,  a few more stats added here than in the official description:

Pictures and official release here: https://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/486016

Teaser for August Event (Snowblind?)  My estimation is 8/14 for event start... no information from datafiles yet.:

Item Name: Scarab UAV  (forsaken)

Weapon Type: uav
salvo: 1
Mounts on: ship
reload: 5
weight: 533
type: explosive
Oil: 3,699,853
Energy: 2,603,600
Metal: 2,055,474
Zynthium: 5,344,232
Build Time: 0d 22h, 43m, 14s (With Officer 0d 20h, 26m, 54s)
Damage: 122
Building Damage: 100%
Range: 95
Weapon slot Type: Air/UAV
Retrofit Lvl:4
Type: Weapon
Accuracy: 100%
Building Damage: 130%
Mortar: Yes
Has Special Status Description
UAV Swarm Duration: 15
UAV Swarm Duration: 6.2
UAV Swarm Reload: 1.2
UAV Swarm Speed: 0.8(Unknown Meaning)
Chaining Range Bonus: 4 With Powecell

Addtl info: 
"Scarab gets chaining range bonus when equipped with Powercell."

Item Name: Countermeasure-Targeting  (forsaken)

Mounts on: base
Oil: 11,571,000
Energy: 9,642,500
Metal: 14,463,750
Zynthium: 8,678,250
Build Time: 1d 1h, 4m, 0s (With Officer 0d 22h, 33m, 36s)
Retrofit Lvl:1
Type: Special
Penetrative Accuracy: 40%
Anti Explosive Range: +15%
Anti Penetrative Range: +15%
Countermeasure Range: +15%

Addtl Info:
Increases the effectiveness of countermeasures while giving a reload bonus to most weapons(Excluding Depth Charges, UAV, Torpedoes).

Item Name: Countermeasure-Loaders (forsaken)

Mounts on: ship
Oil: 3,992,543
Energy: 2,986,232
Metal: 3,702,754
Zynthium: 3,942,280
Build Time: 1d 3h, 21m, 45s (With Officer 1d 0h, 37m, 34s)
Retrofit Lvl:1
Type: Special
Anti Explosive Range: +40%
Rocket Reload: +10%
Penetrating Reload: +10%
Mortar Reload: +10%
Ballistic Reload: +10%
Radioactive Reload: +10%
Weapon Weight Modifier: +6%
Anti Penetrative Range: +40%
Anti Explosive Accuracy: +30%
Anti Penetrative Accuracy: +30%
Anti Penetrating Reload: +10%
Anti Explosive Reload: +10%

Addtl Info:
Increases accuracy and range of base turrets (range only affects countermeasures).

More Stuff

  • Seems if you are banned with chat you will finally know why:
You have been banned from chat. #reason#
  • Arctic Fleets added to file, description TBD


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