Saturday, July 12, 2014

Comparing Top Raid Prizes and their costs for the past year

Ok, looking back at the last years list of prizes and their prices we have:

Date; Event Name; Top Prize; Cost; Comments
July, 2013; Dragon's Nest 2; MCX; 12,000,000; (was not the first time offered, this was a hull raid reintroducing it)
August, 2013; Dragons Grip; Guardian or Jav; Hit 50 targets;
September, 2013; Dragons Grip 2; SCX or Stingray; Hit 50 targets;
October, 2013; Forsaken Fury; Reaper Sub; 10,000,000; (top 3000 got Destroyer ECM)
November, 2013; Forsaken Fury 2; Vanguard; 9,500,000;
December, 2013; Burning Seas; Hellstrike; 12,500,000;
January, 2014; Trial by Fire; Reaper or Brimstone Missile; 12,500,000;
Feb, 2014; Infernal Onslaught; Vanguard; 12,500,000; (came back and cost more, point structure change?)
March, 2014; Reign of Fire; Atlas Carrier; 10,000,000;
April, 2014; Riptide; Berserker; 12,500,000;
April, 2014; Riptide; High-Lander's NC; 20,000,000;
April, 2014; Riptide; Grimshine's Berserker; 25,000,000;
May, 2014; Deathstroke; Lightning Carrier; 9,000,000;
June, 2014; Tempest; Enforcer; 12,500,000;

On average the top prize has been 9-12.5 Million unless their is some type of special hull, in which case it was 20 and 25 Million respectively for them.

The Nighthawk, assuming the info we provided last night (was it only 24 hours ago, sheesh) is also at the 12.5 Million mark, right there in line with all of the other normal top prizes we've seen in the past.

The Phantom Nighthawk is currently at 50 Million, a bit steep, but if you go back to Riptide, you had the 2 special ones there coming in at 45 Million for the 2, so this isn't the end of world different in prices.

What we currently know about the Phantom Nighthawk is VERY minimal minus the popup that will happen on Wednesday:
  • Phantom Nighthawk - This deadly flagship sub glides across the World Map undetected, without alerting enemies until it's too late.
It may be everything people currently fear, or it may not.  In the end it will be a high enough cost that not everyone will have it.  This isn't the end of the world.  There will always be those that are willing to coin to get it or have all the toys because they've coined enough in ages past to get it.  

The last time I got the top prize was when the Goliath was offered!  I've survived and continue to participate and do just fine for 3+ years this way.  Sure I get stomped on from time to time by the big guys that have bought all the top end prizes, but so what, never expected to be able to keep up with them without buying it, so it has never been a shocker to me!

Wrapping this all up.  Sure, the cost is high for a single prize, but this is not the end of the world as I won't worry about trying to get it!  I'm happy with T4 prizes, always have been!


  1. Technically 13m for the MCX first time offered.

    1. Thanks, didn't go back to figure out it, but still in the 12.5 ball park then.

  2. Vice, be sure to add in the points for MC and siege F. Both had to be earned before you could claim the MCX.

    1. I did. 6m for the MC, 2.5m for the F and 4.5m for the MCX.

  3. Raid video up, we know for sure now that the Phantom Nighthawk does indeed cloak fleets on the world map, however the previously stated 50 million points has neither been confirmed nor disproved.

  4. No this isn't the end of the world for Kixeye but it probably is the beginning of the end for Battle Pirates. Though most of us have known this for some time the only thing Kixeye cares about are the heavy coiners and all that money. 50 mil for a single hull demonstrates this all too clearly. The chosen few will get the prize the rest resigned to scratching in the dirt. Though I have the ability to get the hull I will not even try. This is supposed to be a game and games are supposed to be fun. There will be no fun in this raid just like so many of the ones that have passed.


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