Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tempest Raid coming.... and other changes today

Ok, I haven't had a chance to verify, but I trust my new contributing editor.  Slightly modified from what I was sent, but here goes:

4 new hulls coming (based on other feedback these are probably campaign related hulls, but I don't know anything for sure!)
  • 4 special, 7 weapons, 4 armor slots
  • 4 special, 8 weapon, 5 armor slots
  • 3 special, 6 standard + 4 UAV weapon slots, 2 Armor
  • 3 special, 3 underwater+4 ANY weapon slots, 3 armor slots 
June WIP can be found here.
I assume this is for the SCX here.
Reaper R5 here (and yes I screwed up earlier thinking it was the new hull above)

Forum info:
  • Lvl 50 is new min for us big guys to hit
  • they removed cryptkeepers from being issued
New component
  • Hits from Launcher weapons stack more effectively
New Hotkeys (may or may not be implemented yet)
  • R to select Rocket to launch
  • H to toggle the HUD
Did I mention typhoons are back in the upcoming raid?
  • This war is far from over, and intel suggests Draconian reinforcements are assembling in the far north in preparation for their ultimate attack on the Reavers. We can't rely on guerrilla tactics any longer, Captain. It's time to take down our enemies head on! RSVP
  • We've discovered the details of the Drac reinforcements! Typhoons have appeared in Warzone targets across the World Map. This time it's personal, Captain. Can we count on you? RSVP
  • We've received word that the Dracs have a new defensive hull in their armada. The Enforcer, a recently declassified hull from Vassago's personal defense fleet, is a nuclear behemoth that we must claim for our own. Lay waste to Warzones to add this beast to your Shipyard. It's now or never, Captain! Tempest begins in less than 24 hours.
Thanks to my guest poster.


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    1. It is not on the June WIP to release the reaper retrofit. Granted I can't say if the specs I linked to it are accurate or not, but if so, as one other person pointed out to me via email, it has an extra special, which is not something we've seen in retrofits before. Granted where I have the pic linked and the specs there could be 2 entirely different hulls!

    2. Don't worry about the mistake also.

      The 4 hulls are limited versions of the DNX, Triton, Stingray, and Interdictor.

  2. just wanted to say a big thank you for all your posts :)

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    1. You knew that had to come back sooner or later right? They've been gone for a LONG time and the programmers went to all the trouble of coding them in the past :)

      Will be interesting to see what type of ships they spawn this time around.

    2. I knew they were coming back, i was just hoping they would stay in the campaigns. I dont want to have to deal with reaver AND drac drones. Hell, the reavers will eat the drac drones for breakfast so its not like its a sound strat on the part of the dracs, just an excuse to bring the damn things back.

      Also, reaper has been confirmed for retro lab this month, as well as sc-x and mako.

    3. Damn, helps if I can read, I even linked to the WIP! Guess I'll go update the original post! My screw up!

    4. Don't worry I'm sure these typhoon's will be way more obnoxious than those in the past....

  4. I assume these are the names for the hulls:
    4 special, 7 weapons, 4 armor slots-Zoe's Stingray, obtainable 5 times from Campaign Death Grip
    4 special, 8 weapon, 5 armor slots-Spaders DNX, obtainable 5 times from the Campaign Eye of the Storm
    3 special, 6 standard + 4 UAV weapon slots, 2 Armor slots-Harlock's Triton, obtainable 5 times from the Campaign Hunt the Nemesis
    3 special, 3 underwater+4 ANY weapon slots, 3 armor slots-Vassago's Interdictor, obtainable 5 times from the Campaign Boiling Seas

  5. Jason: interesting theory and while I can definately see the dnx in there and possibly the interdictor, even though it has an extra armour slot, I have a hard time seeing the triton with three less armour slots. It's two too many.

    1. Not theory, I know the names and looks of each of the hulls, but yea, the armor slots don't makes sense, it may be a typo. But the Triton is certain one of the unique hulls offered by campaigns.

  6. Replies
    1. I assume the same one I asked about here: http://bp-information.blogspot.com/2014/04/apr-30-2014-update.html

      Which still doesn't answer your question. I'm guessing someone introduced in the campaigns.

  7. Kixeye writeup on Tempest:


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