Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24 2014 update

These first 5 new things will be available in the next forsaken mission later this week.


  • Zynthonite Armor D2-R - Light Draconian-grade armor that decreases damage from radiation weapons.
  • Zynthonite Armor D3-R - Medium Draconian-grade armor that decreases damage from radiation weapons.
  • Zynthonite Armor D4-R - Heavy Draconian-grade armor that decreases damage from radiation weapons.
  • Gauss Supercharge - A Draconian-developed ship special for launcher weapons, it increases the density of flechettes which cause shockwaves to build faster.
  • Impulse Launcher D92-S - A Draconian-developed irradiated flechette launcher. It launches a heavier flechette than conventional launchers which enables it to build shockwaves more efficiently.

Other changes:
  • Coaxial Desc updated - A Forsaken-developed defense turret that fires a primary countermeasure projectile and switches to an anti-ship ballistic projectile when a target is in range.Countermeasures target Mortars, Missiles, Rockets, and UAVs.
  • Check now in place for relocation to make sure you don't have an active campaign going.
  • "Attention, Captain! The Retrofit Lab has been updated to support more component retrofit levels. Additionally, Reaver Dredge Fleets now spawn at Nav Relays, new low level targets are available, and Uranium decay begins at the start of combat. Lay waste to Dredge Fleets and capture valuable Uranium now!"
  • "Uranium 2.0"
  • "The Forsaken Counsel has designated high value targets for captains with your combat experience. Disengage, this isn't your fight!"
  • and something to do with crews, but since I haven't used them in ages, I'm ignoring it, but think it is in their writeup.
Dredge fleet tweaks:

  • "level":"41" - 43
  • "min_player_level":"21"
  • "max_player_level":"59"
  • "level":"51" - 53
  • "min_player_level":"31"
  • "max_player_level":"-1"
  • "level":"61" - 63
  • "min_player_level":"60"
  • "max_player_level":"-1"
  • "level":"75"
  • "min_player_level":"70"
  • "max_player_level":"-1"
  • "level":"97" - 99
  • "min_player_level":"80"
  • "max_player_level":"-1"


  1. So coax switches between defence and offense? I think I'm reading that right, will target incoming shots then fire against ships when they get in range. Has potential.

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