Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014-06-10 update

Note:  Updated 10:19 PM MST 6/11/2014 - see ETD changes below, which I sure corresponds to kixeye thread:  https://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/475465/p3


Some of this is Raid related, some of it is Campaign I'm sure, typo's are mine in some cases and Kixeye's in others!

Retrofit's coming soon to a factory near you
  • Strike Cruiser X
  • Mako
  • Reaper
  • Nuclear Cruiser  (no idea when this will make it, but it is at least hanging out out there)
New Hull, first one is raid, other 5 I assume are campaigns
  • Enforcer - Hits from Launcher weapons stack more effectively.
  • Greta's Nuclear Cruiser - Commander Greta Spader's custom Nuclear Cruiser has been enhanced for use in elite Draconian assault armadas.
  • Zoe's Stringray (yes they have it as string)
  • Spader's Dreadnought X
  • Harlock's Triton
  • Vassago's Interdictor
New Weapon
  • Impulse Launcher D92-F - Heavy radioactive flechette launcher optimized for defense fleets. Its increased fire rate helps to trigger shockwaves faster.
Some bump in range, I assume this is with the enforcer, but didn't look, just saw the comment in a file
  • Radioactive Range
Enhanced Thermal Detection is on these ships (listed in order of distance which I did not post, but it is less than that stupid 800 last month!) (Note:  I'm assuming what I saw on these is Thermal Detection, it could be another bonus not yet named)
  • Typhoon
  • Nav Relay Mothership
  • Proto Nemesis NPC
  • May Interdictor (removed in 6/11 update, bumped sonar instead)
  • Reaver Scout 2  (removed in 6/11 update, bumped sonar instead)
  • Reaver Drone Torpedo  (removed in 6/11 update)
Repair speed changes, so evidently not just the enforcer getting a repair speed increase, unless I read something wrong, it looks like a few others are too!  No more 24 hours for my Toilets to repair!
  • Goliath
  • Rampart
  • Guardian
New things to be hit by this raid (besides typhoons)
  • June Strike Cruiser X
New Tacticals for the enemy
  • Fallout Nuclear Field


  1. Fallout Nuclear Field I believe is the yellow aura that the little nuclear hulls will get this time around.
    Does 500 damage (per sec, I assume) with an 18 range, and causes affected targets to suffer a D92-V shockwave.

    The "June SCX" is improved over our standard SCX in the following ways - I suspect we're looking at a preview of our own SCX R5.
    +2 combat speed
    +10 turn speed (!!!)
    +20% evade
    +20% ballistic defense
    +10% explosive defense
    +20% ballistic range

    Sneaky Kixeye tricks - all of the hulls with "Enhanced Thermal Detection" have a red sonar ring on them, EXCEPT for the "Reaver Drone - Torpedo Type"... watch out for it in the raid! :-)

    The "Enhanced Thermal Detection" has impressive range, to say the least...
    Torpedo Drone is 20
    Interdictors and Reaver Scouts are 70
    Typhoons, Proto-Nemesis, and Reaver Motherships are 90

  2. More sneaky Kixeye tricks...
    Typhoons for now still have a native base sonar range of 280, and the Reaver Torpedo drone has a sonar range of 320, so they effectively still have Draconian Super-Sonar, even tho Kix said they were taking it out. Anybody who likes to make a stink on the forums, here's your chance. Kix will need to tune down the native sonar range on these two hulls in order to keep to their promise of no more crazy sonar ranges.

  3. Very useful info lapdragon good work.

  4. Replies
    1. We've been asking that for a few months, use the search bar up there for zoe and you'll see the same question at least twice. And, no idea!

  5. ALERT! - A new target type has been identified in this event as the full weight of the Reavers and Draconians collide in combat. This target has a large point payout per ship destroyed, but should only be approached by Captains with the highest levels of technology.
    We've removed the cap on set completion. You may now complete each set as many times as needed, and still get a completion bonus.

  6. xnih, do you think those hulls will be actual blueprints or paintjobs? btw long time reader, my first post, and thanks for all the work you do to dring this stuff to us

    1. They are actual unique blueprints. Not sure if they are all finalized yet, but some appear to be R5 equivalents for the most part. Others have a few extra specs beyond R5, but lower in other attributes, etc. Rumors I've heard indicate they are like the hull from a few raids back. You can redeem up to X number of them by running through the campaign X number of times. And you can only build that amount total. I don't believe they are lead only ships, but I honestly haven't looked.

  7. wow nice info. Well done mates! Thumbs up to you guys.

  8. Xnih is there any way you could tell me how you read the files?

    1. Tea Leaves and throwing the bones I think it was.

      Scan old threads there is some info about how to request this if you can find it.

  9. I took a look at the changes - if Kixeye was trying to make good, I'm not impressed.

    Old Hulls Sonar ETD
    Reaver Drone - Torpedo Type 320 20
    Typhoon 280 90
    Draconian Proto-Nemesis 50 90
    May Interdictor 60 70
    Reaver Scout - Rush Type 0 70
    Nav Relay Mothership 0 90

    New Hulls Sonar ETD
    Reaver Drone - Torpedo Type 320 0
    Typhoon 280 90
    Draconian Proto-Nemesis 50 90
    May Interdictor 70 0
    Reaver Scout - Rush Type 65 0
    Nav Relay Mothership 0 90

    So they got rid of the EDT on the non-capital hulls (which is all they said had ETD in the first place), but didn't reduce the super-sonar on the two hulls that already had it. I think they're kinda missing the point here - yes, we held their feet to the fire in regards to the ETD being capital-only, but they're apparently determined to keep super-sonar in play, no matter how much we bitch about it.

  10. Added!

    The dracs are apparently getting a tweaked Reaper sub - same stats as ours, but with 10 seconds extra submerge time. Look for it in xnih's raid fleet report as the "Reaper Long Sub".


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