Thursday, June 12, 2014

Changes to way things post to the map

Historically creates worked one way and have for the past 3 years as far as I can recall.  Well kixeye changed this today (or recently).

Now when you launch a boat it sends that information to them.  Not sure the exact point of it, but I can think of a few useful things they can do with the info the way it is now done.

The new URL is https://blah/createMapObjects.php?lots of blah.  It is URL encoded but has your ship info it in.

Then whenever you move one of your fleets around it calls:  https://blah/createMapObjects2.php?blah, this returns a json feed to you.

In both cases this is only for your fleet.  Now from a security perspective, this is a good thing, I can't see the creation of every other fleet on the map anymore!  But from my providing fleet break downs it is a bad thing, because I can't see the creation of every fleet on the map anymore!

Will poke around as the info of fleet movement and creation has to come from somewhere and be flowing back and forth, but so far this evening, it has alluded me on where that stream of traffic is.

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